Ramadhan Project Entrepreneurship Club (EC) & T Kitchen

Ramadhan Project Entrepreneurship Club (EC) & T Kitchen

Tarikh : 06 May 2019

Dilaporkan Oleh : Mazfullah Maidin

Kategori : News


Searching for Malay East Cost cuisines around IIUM? 


Worry not. We in Entrepreneurship Club (EC) & T Kitchen proudly offer various kinds of mouthwatering/ appetizing Pata Timo’s dishes to IIUM Community during Ramadan al-Kareem.


1) Nasi Dagang Tranung (Ike) (RM7)

2) Nasi Minyak Kurma Daging (RM7)

3) Nasi Lemak Rendang (Aye) (RM7)

4) Nasi Lemak Berapi (Aye) (RM7)

5) Murtabak Daging Sultan (RM7) 

6) Nasi Goreng Ike Aye Goreng Kunyit (RM7)

7) Nasi Minyak Hujan Panas Gulai (Aye) (RM7) 



Free delivery to all Mahallah and Offices!

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To make an order, you can do it through the official whatsapp group or directly go to the person in charge 


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Salam Ramadan.