Certified Information Security Awareness Manager

Certified Information Security Awareness Manager

Short Courses

Certified Information Security Awareness Manager (CISAM) is a 2 days hands-on training and certification programme that provides the essential know-how, enabling information security professionals to develop and manage an effective security awareness programme for their organisation. 

  • Identify the “As-Is” state of your organisation’s awareness and competence levels;
  • Understand the difference between awareness, training and education;
  • Build and maintain a comprehensive awareness and competence programme, as part of an organisation’s information security program;
  • Identify awareness, training and competence needs, develop a training plan, and get organisational buy-in for the funding of awareness and competence programme efforts;
  • Select awareness, training and competence topics;
  • Find sources of awareness and training materials;
  • Implement awareness and training material, using various methods;
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the programme;
  • Understanding and overcoming the obstacles to success;
  • Update and improve the focus of technology and organisational priorities change; and
  • Create an effective social engineering assessment programme.

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