Doctor of Philosophy

Doctor of Philosophy


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

  • Biosciences
  • Biotechnology 
  • Computational and Theoretical Sciences

At the moment, all PhD projects related to marine, plant and chemistry will be offered under the biosciences and biotechnology PhD programmes while for physics, it will be offered under the computational and theoretical science programme. Nevertheless, supervisors for the projects will definitely be an expert in that particular field. 

Undertaking a PhD allows you to explore a specific area of your chosen subject in depth. A PhD is the highest research degree-level qualification and therefore takes the longest to complete. A supervisor/supervisors will help you to navigate your topic, offering expert advice on the direction of your research.

Completing a PhD can give you a great sense of personal achievement. You'll develop high-level transferable skills and contribute to the development of knowledge in your chosen field. Our research students present papers and posters at conferences in Malaysia as well as around the world. Many have the satisfaction of seeing their work published in scientific journals.

Entry Requirements

Applicants are required to pass a certain level of English proficiency before they allowed to be admitted into the Programme at the Kulliyyah.  

The normal duration PhD programmes are from 2 to 6 academic years depending on the progress of the student. 

Applications can be made on the prescribed forms, which may be obtained from the Admission & Records Unit, Centre for Postgraduate Studies or downloaded from internet. 

Please visit the University Postgraduate website for further detail on admission requirements, application procedure and other relevant information at:

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