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Quality Manager

The University is responsible for ensuring that appropriate standard is achieved and quality education is offered.  The KCDIOs are responsible to exercise all university’s plans.  This can be achieved by having the right persons in managing quality matters at the KCDIOs level.  Hence, for the quality management system, the KCDIOs must officially appointed Quality Manager. The assigned person will carry the title of Quality Manager without any additional allowance related to it

The responsibilities of the Quality Manager at KCDIOs are as follows:

1. Instill quality culture (instead of ‘audit culture’) among staff at the KCDIOs

2. Participate actively in co-ordination meetings on quality matters organized by OQM.

3. Effectively disseminate information on quality initiatives developed at the University level to relevant parties involved in the implementation at the KCDIOs represented.

4. Identify good practices at the KCDIOs that may be implemented on a wider scale within the University.

5. To Identify real and potential gaps in quality process the KCDIOs and bring them to the attention of the KCDIOs management and OQM for synergetic efforts towards improvement.

6. Measure, analyze, advise and report results of quality improvement initiatives at the KCDIOs represented to OQM.

7. Document controller at the KCDIO


The self-accreditation report by the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) dated 10th November 2016 recommended IIUM to take steps to ensure that all academics fully understand and implement outcome-based education (OBE) requirements in teaching and learning. Pursuant to this, Academic Quality Assurance Liaison (AQAL) has been appointed in all Centre of Studies. There is no additional allowance related to it however, it is recommended that the teaching load is reduced by 3 credit hours.

The responsibilities of AQAL include but not limited to the following:

a. To advise on the curriculum preparation for accreditation, curriculum review, and    new programme exercise including reviewing of submission documents.

b. To oversee the smooth running of the curriculum development.

c. To plan and conduct the training of all staff on matters related to academic programmes e.g. implementation of course outline, assessment techniques, teaching- learning methods, usage of system (OBEMS, e-CURE, and etc), and etc.

d. To monitor the implementation of relevant academic standards.

e. To oversee site audit exercises (eg accreditation)

f. To attend relevant workshop(s)/training(s).

List of AQAL – please refer to

Self Accreditation in IIUM


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