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Welfare Services

Financial Assistance

The Office of International Affairs provides assistance for students having financial difficulties. The service is a ‘one off’ kind of financial assistance that required urgently by the needy students to buy food or on emergency cases. The affected student needs to come in person to the International Office and fill in a form. The amount of financial assistance depends on the seriousness of the case and the availability of the fund. 
Apart from ‘one-off' financial assistance the International Office also acts as a Liaison office between Iqraa Foundation, Dallah Al –Baraka, Saudia Arabia and their recipients. 
The Office of International Affairs also keeps information on all financial assistance in IIUM. The international students may come to the office and get information on financial assistance such as Khairat funds and information on Zakat. The International Office provides recommendation and verification on the application for financial assistance from Khairat funds and from Zakat.
Those students who apply for tuition fees reduction and Ummatic scholarship also require a recommendation from the International Office.

Takaful Project: 

The Takaful project was initiated by the International Office in 2017. It was launched for the first project during the month of Ramadhan 2017. The project is based on the concept of ‘rich helping poor’. Staff or students who are interested and have the capabilities to fund project may submit their names to the International Office. The International Office initiates and supervises programmes to raise funds. This project is mainly to support needy students throughout the year. The International Office welcomes staff and students to participate in Takaful Project.

Other Services:-

  1. Translation of confirmation letters from English into Arabic or vice versa
  2. Certification of documents for the purpose of renewal of students’ visa or other that required certified documents.
  3. Communicate with Embassies in case of death of International students.
  4. Liaise with STADD (welfare Unit) in case of accident and death of students.
  5. Facilitate registration of new intakes and latecomers
  6. Conduct International Students’ Satisfaction Survey.
  7. Provide information on off-campus accommodations.
  8. Provide support and advisory services to International students on their learning journey at IIUM.