Bachelor in Tourism Management (Honours)

Bachelor in Tourism Management (Honours)


Bachelor in Tourism Management (Honours) programme is in line with the vision, mission and goals of the University in which it holistically strives to provide undergradute education that meets the needs of the nation’s manpower and Muslim Ummah, by instilling and cultivating ethics, professionalism and produce graduates who have a high degree of competence and skills in the tourism industry and cross-cultural awareness at the global scale. This programme aims at Bachelor’s Degree level are to provide students with in-depth knowledge and skills, critical thinking skills, creativity and innovation in a specialised area of studies. This includes contextual understanding, entrepreneurship and professionalism to perform effectively and ethically and to be culturally sensitive in their specialised areas of planning and management of tourism industry, hence influencing personal achievement and lifelong learning and industry development.


As far as the academic aspects of the programme is concerned, the essence of the university’s mission is reflected in the programme’s learning outcomes, course learning outcomes as well as related assessments. Integration of elements of Revealed Knowledge is done in courses like Islamization of Knowledge in Tourism Management where students are taught on the concept of Islamization in the context of Tourism Management. Students are also encouraged to demonstrate their thoughts and perspectives in class discussions, tourism workshops and consultations with the lecturers as role models. Open and constructive discussions allow the development of quality intellectuals with the right knowledge, skills and dispositions, to serve as agents of change in their respective vocations. Students and staff are constantly updated on programme information with full transparency and responsibility by the administrative office to ensure an ethical and technical management of teaching and learning for all.

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