Bachelor of Laws (Shariah) (Honours)

Bachelor of Laws (Shariah) (Honours)


LLB(S) (Hons)



The programme aims to produce graduates who possess sufficient command of knowledge, skills and aptitude in both Law and Shari’ah to serve the profession, society, nation, ummah and humanity.  At the same time, the programme aims to produce graduates who possess skills for lifelong learning and a sense of awareness to uphold rule of law as well as shari’ah and social justice.

Programme Learning Outcomes

  • Illustrate an understanding on the fundamental of legal principles, concepts, and theories and authoritative sources of law in law and shari’ah.
  • Perform critical, analytical and problem solving skills with the ability to apply relevant principles, concepts, and theories in law and shari’ah to a given situation.
  • Demonstrate adequate level of proficiency in Bahasa Malaysia, English, and practical skills including communication (oral and written), negotiation, client counselling and interview, mooting, and research skills.
  • Explain international development in law and shari’ah.
  • Function in the working environment of law and shari’ah such as in the courts, law firms, corporation, and legal aids centres.
  • Display awareness, and as far as practicable, internalise the ethics and etiquette of profession, as well as moral obligations to the community and humanity.
  • Apply managerial and entrepreneurial skills to establish career opportunities in legal profession.
  • Apply relevant skills for lifelong learning and continuing professional development.
  • Apply managerial and entrepreneurial skills to establish career opportunities in legal profession.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of jurisdictional dispute between shari’ah court and civil court.
  • Demonstrate an understanding in the value of ethics and professionalism in accordance with the Legal Profession Act 1976 and shari’ah court ethical rules.
  • Demonstrate reasonable practical skills in drafting of pleadings, contractual documents, advocacy and alternative dispute resolution.
  • Demonstrate competency in relevant courts procedures concerning civil, criminal and shari’ah, in particular, before shari’ah courts and as a Shar’ie lawyer.

Career Opportunities

The following are the careers opportunities of the graduates:

  • Legal practitioner/practicing lawyer
  • In house lawyers in private companies, government link companies and government agencies
  • Members of the Malaysian Judiciary
  • Legal Officer/Federal Counsel, Attorney General’s Chambers of Malaysia
  • Company Secretary
  • Administrative and Diplomatic Officer
  • Members of the academia

Programme Structure

Students from intake Semester 1,2020/2021 must complete 210 credit hours for double major leading to the award of Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) (Hons.) (Double Degree Stream) and Bachelor of Laws (Shari'ah) (Hons.).

Study Plan

1. LLB Double Degree Stream & LLB_S Study Plan for 201XXXX
2. LLB Double Degree Stream & LLB_S Study Plan for 171XXXX

Students are advised to refer to the Student Academic Performance Evaluation (Undergraduate) Regulations 2015 and other teaching and learning policies.

Programme Duration

This programme normally takes five years to complete.

Student Affair

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