Wael Mohamed Yousef Mohamed
Associate Professor

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  • Medical And Health ~ Medical And Health Sciences ~ Neurosciences ~ Other Neurosciences n.e.c.
USRAH IN ACTION 2 2023/2024
In Progress
2021 - Present Fox Genetic Diversity in PD Program: Genome Wide Association (GWA) Study in Parkinson's Disease among East Asian
2021 - Present Exploring the Potential of Exosomal miRNA in Different Genetic Mutation as Potential Prognosis Biomarkers in Parkinson's Disease (PD)
2019 - Present Evaluation of the roles imposed by HMGB1 protein in MPTP-induced Parkinson Disease Zebra fish model
2019 - Present Evaluation of the roles imposed by HMGB1 protein in MPTP-induced Parkinson Disease Zebra fish model
2018 - Present Effects of Edible Bird Nest on STZ induced Sporadic AD: A Rodent Model
2018 - Present Effects of Edible Bird Nest on STZ induced Sporadic AD: A Rodent Model
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Conference or Workshop Item

2021 Neuroprotective effect of edible bird’s nest in chronic cerebral hypoperfusion-induced neurodegeneration in rats. In: 7th Asian-Oceanian Congress on Clinical Neurophysiology
2020 Alzheimer's disease: from bench side to bed side. In: Hi-5 Retreat 2020: V-Symposium Basic Neuroscience Council (BNC)
2018 Biomarkers in AD: current state of translational research. In: 32nd Scientific Meeting of Malaysian Society of Pharmacology & Physiology


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Book Section

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