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Dar Al-Hikmah Library

The purpose of this library is to support the curriculum and research needs of the IIUM community and to teach students research skills.

August 1997: The IIUM Library Kuantan was first established in Jalan Hospital Campus (JHC), as a branch of the IIUM Library, Gombak network.

June 2003: another branch in Indera Mahkota Campus (IMC) started operating as the main library for Kuantan Campus located at Kulliyyah of Medicine building;

July 2011: the library moved to a new library building in Indera Mahkota Campus. Location : between Kulliyyah of Dentistry and Kulliyyah of Allied Health Sciences.

1st January 2013: all library services and facilities have moved to Indera Mahkota Campus and library space at Jalan Hospital has been given to Kulliyyah of Medicine.

1st January 2014: another branch in CFS Gambang Campus started operating for CFS students and staff.

Occupational Safety, Health and Built Environment (OSHBE)

Occupational Safety, Health and Built Environment (OSHBE) previously has been known as Occupational Safety and Health Unit, OSHU. In view of the critical needs for an entity in the University to look into issues affecting the quality of the environment, particularly river pollution, poor sewerage treatment plant management, contaminated indoor air quality, and etc., the University Management Committee (UMC) in its meeting No. 5/2015 held on 1st April 2015 agreed in principle to expand the current functions and responsibilities of the OSHU with the appointment of a Director.

The INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY MALAYSIA (IIUM) strives to achieve excellence in the management of its Occupational Safety and Health Management System (OSHMS) at the workplace by inculcating an awareness of the importance of safety and health for IIUM’s employees and members of the public who deal with the University.

Student Affairs and Development Division (STADD)

Student Affairs and Development Division (STADD) plays the important roles of assisting student in their personal and professional development in accordance with the vision and mission of the IIUM. Specifically, STADD facilitates and provides students with advice and guidelines in their extra-curricular activities (credited & non-credited) and ensures that the University’s facilities meet the students’ needs.

Management Services Division (MSD)

Management Services Division is responsible for Human Resource Management, Human Resource Development, Corporate Services and Support Services. The Management Services Division is committed to support the leadership of the University in achieving the University’s mission and vision.

From recruitment to exit and everything in between, the Division contributes to the growth of personal and professional lives of staff in meaningful and significant ways.

In undertaking its various functions to the University, MSD promises to provide top quality services to its stakeholders and customers. MSD is also receptive to feedbacks as well as ideas to improve its services. It is hoped that this homepage would be of help to the university’s community in particular and the general public.

Manage Strategically to Deliver is the slogan of this Division which is responsible for three core areas of the university’s administration namely Human Resource , Safety and Health.

In line with that slogan, this website has been designed to deliver fast, reliable and accurate information regarding the services offered by the Division. The contents of this website are being updated where applicable to ensure that all MSD’s customers are kept well informed. Thus, I welcome all customers to provide feedback for the continual improvement of the Division in delivering quality services to the customers.

Information Technology Division (ITD)

Information Technology Division 

Finance Division

Towards excellent financial service

Residential and Services Department (RSD)

The Residential and Services Department (RSD) was established in February 2015 under the purview of the Finance Division. The functions of the department covers mahallah management, food and auxiliary services, venues and management of University apartments located at Kelana Jaya, KM 17 Gombak and Damansara.


Development Division

Development Division

IIUM Endowment Fund (IEF)

IIUM Endowment Fund (IEF) which has been established in 1999. The main purpose of its establishment is to assist the poor and needy students in our University who are academically good but incapable of financing the fees and the cost of living.

Since its establishment, IIUM Endowment Fund has initiated many activities to raise funds for the students, involving both internal and external parties. It includes the general donation from individuals, companies and organizations; Kafalah programme; RM1 Campaign; Collection of Zakat through the collaboration with Lembaga Zakat Selangor (previously known as Pusat Zakat Selangor). IEF has also involved itself to a few business collaborations to increase the capacity of the funds.

Alumni Relations Division

Since the foundation of the university in 1983, IIUM has been seriously striving towards producing fully functioning insan who will serve as agent of change. Efforts to market the students have been strategised to ensure that the trained workforces are accordingly placed in related places.



Academic Management and Admission Division (AMAD)

The Academic Management and Admission Division (AMAD), (formerly known as Admissions and Records Division). AMAD is headed by a Director and assisted by two Deputy Directors (Academic Staff) and a Deputy Director (Administrative Staff). It collaborates with the Kulliyyahs and academic centres in planning, implementing and monitoring undergraduate academic activities, so that the University’s mision and vision can be realised and that excellence, fairness and equality are maintained in all academic programmes.

Among its major functions are:

To maintain and secure accurate and confidential academic records for all currently enrolled undergraduate students, graduates and former students of the University;
To facilitate and support the University in searching and recruiting high quality students for admission into the University.
To serve as the secretariat to the University Senate meetings. As the Senate Secretariat, AMAD is entrusted to organise Senate meetings, Pre and Post Senate meetings and Graduation & Awards meetings.
AMAD aims to excel in managing undergraduate academic activities responding to the diverse educational needs of the Muslim Ummah. AMAD is committed to excellence and innovation in the management of academic administration activities by internalizing the spirit of the Garden of Knowledge and Virtue. As part of this commitment, AMAD is dedicated to support student-centered learning environment, and values its constituency and the diversity of the ideas, contributions and achievements.

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