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IIUM Viva Management System (i-Viva)

i-Viva is a web based system that is develop for Viva Unit of the Centre for Postgraduate Studies to effectively communicate, organize, track and report programme by Kulliyyah.

The notification engine will be responsible for sending messages that are generated by i-Viva, such as to notify Supervisor for intention of Viva by students, appointment of new examiners and etc. IT also offers the examiner the freedom to accept the nomination online, updating the CV online and other application for Viva.

The objective of the system is to lessen the burden of the administrative staff at Viva Unit, CPS, Academic Administration; on preparation of reports, examiner profiler review, notification to students, examiner reminder, etc.

iTa’lem Cloud Migration and Managed Services

This project aims to provide a latest and excellence eLearning environment to IIUM which can support the online teaching and learning methodology as per suggested by the Ministry of Education and also the Malaysian federal government. 

IIUM has experienced several E Learning technical issues on the current iTa’Leem in the past 4 years. Among the frequent reported incidents were the unstable access and downtime. The major incident happened in 2018 when the disk failure issues caused corrupted file systems including its metadata with more than twenty five percent (more than 80 GB files were not able to be recovered). 

The main objective of this project is to provide latest and excellence eLearning environment to the IIUM to support the online teaching and learning methodology by migrating the iTa’leem v 3 3 to the cloud infrastructure and using a new MOODLE environment (version 3 8).

IIUM Online Election Management System (iTASWEET)

iTASWEET is a digital platform for IIUM to conduct the University General Election It offers a platform for nomination process, canvassing process, polling process and complaint lodging process.

iTASWEET offer high security features on all platform It also reduce the usage of paper and paper files as everything will be done electronically.

Electronic Procurement System (EPS)

In 2016 IIUM has decided to subscribe to EPS an electronic procurement system that will convert all procurement manual process in IIUM into electronic.  EPS enables IIUM supplier to onboard in selling goods and services through the internet 

The entire process will be done electronically, through internet. The process begins by requesting quotations, raising requisition and purchase order, and fulfilling orders to process payments

IIUM Sejahtera Profiling Innovation

What is ISP?

ISP is one of the IIUM initiatives to support the mental health needs of IIUM community It upholds the concept of ‘ or wellbeing and aimed in increasing the awareness on mental health as well as promoting the good wellbeing and spiritual dimensions of individuals by initiating a screening that work as early detection of related mental health symptoms The work is determined by the Counseling and Career Services Centre’s passion, commitment and profession to promote mental health as a critical part of our wellness, including

• Preventive measure IIUM community
• Early identification for those who are at risk
• Collaborative supports and services for those who need it
• With the ultimate purpose of recovery


Why ISP?

ISP is a set of screening tool that comprises of 3 proposed dimensions that is believed to be indicators for one’s psychological conditions It consists of items with pictures that attempt to assess the “psychological aspect” of IIUM students and staff in relation to three dimensions namely integrated mind (I mind), coping, and propensity towards spirituality.

In reaching to a balanced condition, it is believed that one is perceived to be psychologically well, able to cope with life difficulties and attain appropriate levels of spiritual actions and believes stemming from experiences, formed knowledge and skill set. 

It takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete all questions The screening is integrated into web based apps with the hope that it could be easily assessed by IIUM community and quick in getting into assessments and result



The project had been initiated by the Office of the Legal Advisor to enhance the current compoundable system from using Oracle Form and WebLogic to Web-based application. The enhancement also including a few adjustment of work flows and an additional payment method; IIUM Payment Gateway.

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