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Sports Development Unit

Senior Sports Officer



The main emphasis of the Student Development Department is to create awareness among students on their role and function as Foundation students, as youth, as members of the society, as citizens as a particular country, as future university students, as members of the ummah, as future leaders and above all as servants and vicegerents of Allah s.w.t.


  • To encourage active participation of students in sport and outdoor activities.
  • To produce active and versatile students who will become future student leaders in main campus.
  • To nurture the potentials of student’s leadership and skill in various aspects.
  • To encourage healthy lifestyle among student and staff (Mass Sport).
  • To provide and manage first class sport facilities.

Role and Function

  • Initiate sports activities
  • Coordinate, advise and supervise sports programme
  • Organize and conduct sports programme
  • Provide and facilitate sports activities.

Sports Equipment/ Items Managed by SDU

  • Games jersey
  • Games Equipment
  • Martial arts equipment
  • Outdoor equipment
  • Archery equipment
  • Mountain and road bike

Sports Facilities

  • 1 Stadium which includes track and football field.
  • 1 Rugby field
  • 4 Gymnasiums
  • 4 Tennis courts
  • 2 Volleyball courts
  • 2 Basketball courts
  • 3 Futsal courts
  • 4 Sepak Takraw courts
  • 2 Netball courts
  • Badminton & Table tennis court (Al-Khawarizmi Hall)

Sports Development Officers

Fatimah Man

Senior Assistant Sports Officer

Tel: 09-5183468

e-mail: fatimahb@iium.edu.my

Mohd. Nasri A. Manan

Assistant Sports Officer

Tel: 09-5182546

e-mail: nasri5577@iium.edu.my

Abdul Aliff Mohamad

Assistant Sports Officer

Tel: 09-5182547

e-mail: aliff@iium.edu.my

Muhammad Zul Hafiizh Mohd Muktiyuddin

Assistant Sports Officer

Tel: 09-5183467

e-mail: zulhafiizh@iium.edu.my

Intan Nor Sarah Kamaruddin

Administrative Assistant

Tel: 09-5183400 ext. 2548

e-mail: intansarah@iium.edu.my

Operating Hours

Monday – Friday 8.00 a.m.- 5.00 p.m.

Rest Hours

Monday – Thursday 1.00 p.m. – 2.00 p.m.
Friday 12.15 p.m – 2.45 p.m

Facilities and Booking Information Kindly Contact: 

Mohd Nasri A. Manan - nasri5577@iium.edu.my 

Abdul Aliff Mohamad - aliff@iium.edu.my

Zul Hafiizh - zulhafiizh@iium.edu.my 

Sports Development Unit

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