Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Technology)

Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Technology)




The PhD in Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Technology) programme offers an incredible research experience in formulation and drug delivery from our renowned scientists. This course has a strong scientific base, designed specifically to improve the skills of pharmacists and graduates with life sciences, chemistry and chemical engineering backgrounds. You will gain hands-on research experience with some of the most advanced techniques and instruments and conduct research with experts in the field. This include the development of pharmaceutical formulation, with particular emphasis on the technology used in the pharmaceutical process and the development and production of medicines.

Applicants are strongly advised to visit the kulliyyah's website to identify potential supervisors based on their research area of interest. Selecting the correct research project is a hugely important first step, so it is recommended that you contact potential supervisors directly to discuss possibilities before you apply online for a place on the course.

You will be admitted directly to a particular research area led by departmental members who will be appointed as supervisors. There are no taught courses examined by written papers, but you will have access to a wide range of lecture courses at a taught master’s level and foundation or preliminary level, as appropriate. There is also a wide range of courses and workshops you will be able to attend to acquire skills that will be necessary for the pursuance and presentation of your research, as well as your professional development as a research scientist.



A relevant master’s degree with good grades from IIUM or any other accredited Institution of higher learning, or any other certificates that are recognised as equivalent to a master’s degree or other relevant professional qualifications and experience that are recognised by the Senate of the University.

A suitable research proposal is required for Ph.D by research only.

English Language Requirement

TOEFL: 550 or IELTS/EPT: Band 5.0


Other qualifications, evidence of excellence and relevant experience:

  • Research or work experience in your research area may be an advantage. Evidence of your employer's support is required, if applicable to your circumstances.
  • Previous publications are not a condition but would advantage an application.
  • It would be expected that graduate applicants would be familiar with the recent published work of their proposed supervisor.





Course Code


PHRM 8212

PHRP 8994

PHPM 8999

Research Methodology*

Research proposal


* PHRM 8212 Research Methodology is Kulliyyah required course.


EXAMINER DATABESE (through IIUM Staff Portal-for supervisor)

FORMS (for student)


Student Affair

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