(The Book of Marriage )

  1. One who can support a wife should marry
  2. He who sees a woman, and his heart is affected, should come to his wife, and should have intercourse with her
  3. Temporary marriage and its prohibition for all times to come
  4. It is forbidden to combine a woman and her father's sister or a woman and her mother's sister together in marriage
  5. Mubrim (one who is in the state of Ihram) is forbidden to marry and the disapproval of giving the proposal (in this state)
  6. Prohibition of one's making the proposal of marriage when it has already been made by one's brother until he permits or gives her up
  7. It is prohibited to contract shighar marriage
  8. Fulfilling of condition in marriage
  9. Seeking consent of al-Thayyib in marriage in words and of a virgin in (meaningful) silence
  10. It is permissible for the father to give the hand of his daughter in marriage even when she is not fully grown up
  11. Excellence of marrying or being married during the month of Shawwal and excellence of taking bride in the house during this month
  12. It is permissible to caste a glance at the face and the palms of a woman who one intends to marry
  13. The dower
  14. Excellence of emancipatiiag a slave-girl and then marrying her
  15. Pertaining to the marriage of Zainab bint Jahsh with the Holy Prophet (may peace be upon him) and verses pertaining to purdah veil)
  16. When one is invited to a wedding feast, one should accept it
  17. It is not permissible to marry a woman who it divorced by three pronouncements until she is married to another, man and he has a sexual intercourse with her, and then he abandons her and she completes her 'Idda
  18. What is to be suplicated at the time of sexual intercourse.
  19. Permissibility of having sexual intercourse with one's wife from the front or from behind avoiding the anus.
  20. It is not permissible for a woman to abandon the bed of her husband
  21. It is forbidden to divulge the secret of the woman.
  22. Al-Azl (incomplete sexual intercourse): Coitus Interruptus
  23. It is forbidden to have intercourse with a pregnant slave woman
  24. Permissibility of intercourse with a suckling lady and disapproval of 'Azl.
  25. Kitab Al-Rada'a-Book pertaining to fosterage
  26. It is forbidden to marry the step daughter and the sister of the wife (when the wife is alive and not divorced).
  27. One suckling or two do not make marriage unlawful.
  28. Suckling of a young (boy).
  29. It is permissible to have sexual intercourse with a captive woman after she is purified (of menses or delivery) in case she has a husband, her marriage is abrogated after she becomes captive.
  30. The child is attributed to one on whose bed it is born and one must avoid suspicion.
  31. Tracing of relationship from physical features.
  32. How long after marrying one should stay with a virgin or a woman previously married.
  33. Sharing visits to one's wives equally.
  34. Permissiblity of bestowing the turn on one's fellow-wife.
  35. Excellence of contracting marriage with a pious lady
  36. Excellence of marrying a virgin.
  37. The good of this world is the pious woman.
  38. Advice in regards to woman.