Topic Abbr.
1 - Agents, Knowledge-Based Technologies KBT   Day 1 ( 13 May 2008) Day 2 ( 14 May 2008) Day 3 ( 15 May 2008)
10 - Software Engineering and Agile Development SE 8:00:AM-9:00AM  
11 - Antennas and Propagation AP   KEYNOTE 3:  Dr. Martin John Turner (UK) 6A 6B 6C 6D  6E  6F 
12 - Information Theory and Coding ITC 9:00 AM-10:40AM 6A-SIP 6B-INST 6C-DBM 6D-OPC 6E-CA 6F-MWS
13 - Multiple Access Techniques MAT OPENING
14 - Optical Communications and Photonics  OPC KEYNOTE 4: Prof. Dr. Hany Ammar (USA)
15 - RF and Microwave Devices RF
17 - Satellite, Space and Wireless Communications SSW  TEA Break          10:40AM-11:00AM 
18 - Signal and Image Processing SIP     3A 3B 3C 3D  3E  3F  7A 7B 7C 7D  7E  7F 
19 - 3G, 4G Mobile Communications MC 11:00 AM-12:40PM KEYNOTE 1:  Prof. Dr. Raj Jain (USA) 3A-SIP 3B-INST 3C-KBT 3D-HPN 3E-CA 3F-SSW 7A-SIP 7B-MC 7C-DBM 7D-OPC 7E-CA 7F-OTH
21 - Communications IC Design  
22 - Instrumentation and Control INST
23 - VLSI Design VLSI KEYNOTE 2:  Prof. Dr. Masaru Kamada (Japan)
24 - Ethics in Informatics and Engineering ETH
3 - Computer Architecture and Design CA Lunch Break        12:40PM - 2:00 PM
5 - Data Mining and Database Applications DBM   1A 1B 1C 1D  1E  1F  4A 4B 4C 4D  4E  4F  8A 3B 8C 8D  8E  8F 
6 - High Performance Networks and Protocols HPN 2:00 PM-3:40PM 1A-SIP 1B-VLSI 1C-KBT 1D-MC 1E-MAT 1F-ITC 4A-SIP 4B-VLSI 4C-SE 4D-AP 4E-CA 4F-SSW 8A-SIP 8B-HPN 8C-RFID 8D-RF 8E-CA 8F-NNI
7 - Multimedia and Web Services MWS
9 - Neural Networks and Intelligent Systems NNI
8 - Network Reliability and QoS NRQ
Technical Session according to Session  TEA Beak  3:40PM-4:00PM   
  2A 2B 2C 2D  2E  2F  5A 5B 5C 5D  5E  5F   
Technical Session according to Paper ID 4:00 PM-5:40PM 2A-SIP 2B-VLSI 2C-SE 2D-MC 2E-NRQ 2F-NNI 5A-SIP 5B-VLSI 5C-DBM 5D-AP 5E-CA 5F-NNI  
  Day 1 ( 13 May 2008) Day 2 ( 14 May 2008) Day 3 ( 15 May 2008)
TitleAuthor PID Country TS PageNo
User Perceptions Towards The Use Of Colour As Authentication Method: Focus On FTMSK Lecturer
Mohd Ali Bin Mohd Isa, Mohd Nor Hajar Hasrol Jono, Mohamad Yusof Darus, Norkhushaini Awang 
2 Malaysia 8E 1
A Framework for Reading Comprehension Practice Using Interactive 3D Animation
Mohd. Nor Hajar Hasrol Jono, Anita Mohd Yasin, Nurmaisara Za’ba, Prasanna Ramakrisnan, Mohd Ali Mohd Isa
7 Malaysia 7C 7
ELDMA: Enhanced Load balancing Decision making using Decentralized Mobile Agent Framework
M.Aramudhan, S. Karthikeyan, K.Mohan, V.Rhymend Uthaiaraj
21 India 6C 11
Load Balancing in Autonomous Networks through Hierarchical Traffic Scattering
Mohammad Reza HeidariNezhad, Zuriati, Ahmad Zukarnain, Mohamed Othman
33 Malaysia 8E 15
Towards A Scalable Scientific Data Grid Model and Services
Azizol Abdullah, Mohamed Othman, Md Nasir Sulaiman, Hamidah Ibrahim, Abu Talib Othman
34 Malaysia 3D 20
A Genetic Algorithm Approach to VLSI Macro Cell Non-Slicing Floorplans Using Binary Tree
Hasliza A Rahim @ Samsuddin, Ab Al-Hadi Ab Rahman, Andaljayalakshmi G., R. Badlishah Ahmad, Wan Nur Suryani Firuz Wan Arrifin
35 Malaysia 5F 26
A proposal of an improved Handoff decision algorithm
Md. Junaebur Rashid, Hasan Sarwar, Shahida Rafique
39 Bangladesh 7B 32
An Intelligent Handoff Decision Algorithm
Joarder Mohammad Mustafa Kamal, Md. Junaebur Rashid, Tajul Islam1, Hasan Sarwar
40 Bangladesh 2D 37
Pattern matching algorithm for artificial to natural DNA codes of a  dementia brain
Shamsudin, A. F., Azhar Md. T.,Salih, F., Md. Noon, H., Ahlan, A. R., Suhaimi, M. A.,Bal-Fagih, Z., Ibrahim, N. , Mohd. Badri, F.
42 Malaysia 1A 42
Active Vibration Isolation Controller Using Extended Minimal Resource Allocation Neural Network (EMRAN)
Fadly J.D., Wahyudi M., Waleed F. Faris
43 Malaysia 8F 47
ACS: An Efficient Address based Cryptography Scheme for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Security
A. Rex Macedo Arokiaraj, A. Shanmugam
48 India 6E 52
Analysis of One Round Anonymous Auction Protocol
Tham Chuan Siong, Chang Yu Cheng, Ng Wei Shean
50 Malaysia 6E 57
Automatic Colorization without Human Intervention
Mayada F. AbdulHalim, Zaineb A. Mejbil 
56 Bahrain 6F 62
Multilevel Coded Modulation for Multipath Rayleigh Fading Channel
Zouhair j. Al-Qudah
57 Saudi Arabia 1F 66
On the Issues of Linearizing a Sensor Characteristic over a Wider Response Range
Sheroz Khan, AHM Zahirul Alam, Syed Masrur Ahmmad, Tijani I.B., Muhammad Asraful Hasan, Lawal Wahab Adetunji, Salami Femi Abdulazeez, Siti Hana Mohammad Zaini, Siti Aminah Ot
64 Malaysia 6B 72
A Binary Particle Swarm Optimization for Attacking Knapsacks
Mayada F. AbdulHalim, Bara’a A. Attea, Sarab M. Hameed
65 Iraq 3E 77
Real Time Lane Detection for Autonomous Vehicles
Abdulhakam.AM.Assidiq, Othman O. Khalifa, Md. Rafiqul Islam,  Sheroz Khan
66 Malaysia 3A 82
Towards Designing A High Intelligibility Rule Based Standard Malay Text-To-Speech Synthesis System
Zakiah Hanim Ahmad, Othman Khalifa
67 Malaysia 5A 89
Preliminary Work on Speech Unit Selection Using Syntax-Phonology Interface
Sabrina Tiun, Tang Enya Kong
69 Malaysia 1C 95
Password generator Based on Mouse Clicks Signal and Screen Cursor Position
Abdurazzag Ali Aburas, Manal I. Al_Fallah
72 Malaysia 8F 99
Analysis of Multicomponent Transient Signals Using MUSIC Superresolution Technique
Abdussamad U. Jibia, Momoh-Jimoh E. Salami, Othman O. Khalifa
73 Malaysia 1A 104
RF Transmitter System Design for Wireless Local Area Network Bridge at 5725 to 5825 MHz
N. A. Shairi, T. Abd. Rahman, M. Z. A. Abd. Aziz 
74 Malaysia 3F 109
A Block Matching Technique for Object Tracking Employing Peripheral Increment Sign Correlation Image
Budi Sugandi, Hyoungseop Kim, Joo Kooi Tan, Seiji Ishikawa
75 Japan 1A 113
Microwave Characterization of Lithium Niobate Electrooptic Modulators with Traveling Wave Electrodes
M. Shah Alam, M. Khaled Hassan, M. Sakawat Ali
76 Bangladesh 8D 118
An Efficient Packet Scheduling Algorithm for 4G IP-Based Mobile Networks
Palash Gupta, Hussain Mohammed, M. M. A Hashem
77 Bangladesh 2D 123
On Performance Analysis of AMBR Protocol in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Tanay Dey, M.M.A. Hashem, Subrota Kumar Mondal
78 Bangladesh 1D 128
On Use of Design Patterns in Empirical Assessment of Software Design Quality
Md. Abul Khaer, M.M.A. Hashem, Md. Raihan Masud
79 Bangladesh 2C 133
Normalization Approach for Metric Based Software Quality Measurement
Md. Raihan Masud, M. M. A. Hashem, Md. Abul Khaer
80 Bangladesh 4C 138
Brillouin Erbium Ytterbium Fiber Laser
Lawrence Ting Sii Ying, Lai Tian Fat,  Sulaiman Wadi Harun
82 Malaysia 7D 143
User Assigned Security Policy Framework for M-Commerce Applications
87 India 6C 148
A 3D Grid Position-Based Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Khaled Day, Bassel Arafeh, Abderezak Touzene, Ahmed Al-Kindi
88 Oman 1E 151
A New Spatial Domain Algorithm for Gray Scale Images Watermarking
Houtan Haddad Larijani, Gholamali Rezai Rad
89 Iran 4A 157
A Lightweight and Private Mobile Payment Protocol by Using Mobile Network Operator
Tan Soo Fun, Leau Yu Beng, Jonathan Likoh, Rozaini Roslan
90 Malaysia 1D 162
Dispersion-Managed Optical Fiber Systems With Zero Hamiltonian
Abdosllam M. Abobaker, K. Nakkeeran, A. B. Moubissi
95 United Kingdom 6D 167
Track Seeking Control for Hard Disk Drives Using the Approaching Index Switching Algorithm
Shehab R. Tawfeic
96 Egypt 3B 172
A Single-Variable Non-Linear Quantization Scheme for Wavelet-Based ECG Data Compression
Cheng-Tung Ku, King-Chu Hung, Huan-Sheng Wang
97 Taiwan 1A 176
Performance Modelling and Evaluation of OFDMA Based WiMAX Systems using RT-SPA
Tony Tsang
98 Hong Kong 1D 180
An Efficient Computation Technique for Cryptosystems Based on Lucas Functions
Z.M. Ali, M. Othman, M.R.M. Said, M.N. Sulaiman
100 Malaysia 3E 187
Design and Control of a Snake Robot according to Snake Anatomy
Ahmadreza Rezaei1, Yasser Shekofteh, Mohammad Kamrani, Ali Fallah, Farshad Barazandeh
104 Iran 3B 191
Notes Extraction Algorithm from Traditional Presentations without the Use of e-boards
Nael Hirzallah, Sawsan Nusir, Ahmad Al-Sayyed, Ahmad Kayed
106 Jordan 3A 195
Investigation of Digestive System Disorders using Electrogastrogram
G.Gopu, R.Neelaveni, K.Porkumaran
112 India 2A 201
Code Rate-Diversity Tradeoff with Linear Block Codes for MIMO Wireless Systems
Almas Uddin Ahmed, Nowshad Amin, Hafizal Mohamad, Md. Shabiul Islam and Nor Azhar Mohd Arif
119 Malaysia 1D 206
The Development of a Forward Masking Model using Neural Networks and Its Application to Speech Enhancement
Teddy Surya Gunawan, Othman O. Khalifa, Eliathamby Ambikairajah
121 Malaysia 1A 212
Design and Implementation of a Smart Card Simulator
Ula M. Qabs,  Fawzi M. Al-Naima
123 Pakistan 5E 217
TCP Performance Analysis in Dynamic GPRS LA
A.K. Othman, M. Zakaria, K. Ab. Hamid
128 Malaysia 3D 221
Performance Analysis and the Study of the behavior of MPLS Protocols
Md. Arifur Rahman , Ahmedul Haque Kabir , K. A. M. Lutfullah , M. Zahedul Hassan  and M. R. Amin
130 Bangladesh 3D 226
Iterative decoding of parallel concatenated block codes
Mostafa Belkasmi, Abderrazak Farchane
131 Morocco 1F 230
Linear Machine Weight Adaptation in a Genetic Programming Classifier that Classifies Medical Data
Noor Azilah Pakri, Abdul Razak Hussain, Khairul Azhar Kasmiran
132 Malaysia 5C 236
Detection of Vascular Intersection in Retina Fundus Image Using Modified Cross Point Number and Neural Network Technique
M. I. Iqbal, A. M. Aibinu, M. Nilsson, I. B. Tijani, and M. J. E. Salami
135 Malaysia 2F 241
Influence of Polarization Mode Dispersion on the Effect of Cross-phase Modulation in Intensity Modulation-Direct Detection WDM Transmission System
M.S. Islam, S. P. Majumder
139 Bangladesh 6D 247
On the Optimal Window Shape for Genomic Signal Processing
Teddy Surya Gunawan
140 Malaysia 2A 252
A Novel Approach for Contrast Enhancement Based on Histogram Equalization
Hojat Yeganeh, Ali Ziaei, Amirhossein Rezaie
143 Iran 4A 256
Time-domain Adaptive Channel Estimation for OFDM-based WLAN with Multiple-Antennas
M. A. Saeed , B. M. Ali , N. K. Noordin , S. Khatun , M. Ismail 
147 Malaysia 2D 261
Time-domain Adaptive Channel Estimation for OFDM-based WLAN with Multiple-A Topology Prediction and Convergence for Networks on Mobile Vehicles
Mohammad Al-Hattab, Johnson I Agbinnya
149 Australia 4E 266
Leakage Power Estimation and Minimization in Configurable Logic Block of FPGA
A. K. Kureshi, Mohd. Hasan
151 India 2B 270
Fast ZeroX Algorithm for Efficient Message Routing in Optical Multistage Interconnection Networks
Tengku Dian Shahida, Mohamed Othman, Mohamad Khazani
152 Malaysia 6D 275
Design of Parallel-Coupled Microstrip Line Band Pass Filter (BPF) for Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) Applications
Mohamed Azaga, Masuri Othman 
153 Malaysia 8D 280
Performance Comparison of Static CMOS and MCML gates in sub-threshold region of operation for 32nm CMOS Technology
Tarun Kumar Agarwal, Anurag Sawhney, Kureshi A.K., Mohd.Hasan
154 India 1B 284
Neural Network Approach towards Pattern Classification using fMRI Activation Maps
H N Suma, S Murali
156 India 2F 288
Customized Term Weighting Scheme for Document Classification
C.M.X. Benjamin, W.L. Woon, K.S.D. Wong
158 Malaysia 1C 294
Remote Management of Computer Networks by Short Message Service
Mohammad Ghasemzadeh, Vahid Aghaei Foroushani
159 Iran 3B 300
DSSS IR UWB Transceiver for Intra/ Inter Chip Wireless Interconnect in Future ulsi using Reconfigurable Monocycle Pulse
Salahuddin Raju, S. M. Salahuddin, Md. Shahidul Islam, P K Saha, A. H. M. Zahirul Alam
161 Malaysia 5B 306
Knowledge Base Expert System for Tuning PID Controllers Using Wireless Technology
Mohammad Hassan Shenassa, Kamran Khakpour
162 Iran 3B 310
Intrusion Detection in Encrypted Accesses with SSH Protocol to Network Public Servers
Vahid Aghaei Foroushani, Fazlollah Adibnia, Elham Hojati
164 Iran 4E 314
FPGA based control IC for Multilevel Inverter
M.I. Ahmad, Z. Husin, R. B. Ahmad, H. A Rahim, M.S. Abu Hassan, M.N. Md Isa 
166 Malaysia 4B 319
Modifying the Multicast Tree in AMTree Protocol Using Random Core Selection
Ali M. Al-Sharafi, Mohamed Othman, Md. Nasir Sulaiman, Shamala Subramaniam
168 Malaysia 3D 323
Neural Network Approach to Lumpy Demand Forecasting For Spare Parts in Process Industries
M.R. Amin-Naseri, B. Rostami Tabar
169 Iran 5F 1378
Lifetime Comparison of RF-only and hybrid RF/FSO Wireless Sensor Networks
Sashigaran Sivathasan, Dominic C. O’Brien
170 United Kingdom 4F 328
Performance of Update Propagation Techniques for Data Grid
Ali Mamat, Mohammed Radi, M.Mat Deris, Hamidah Ibrahim
172 Malaysia 3D 332
Power Analysis of Resonant Clocks
Erastus Ogunti, Michael Frank, and Simon Y. Foo
173 USA 1B 336
Simple Integrated System for Wireless Backhaul Networks
Md.Rafi Ul Islam, Lway Faisal, Tharek Abd Rahman
177 Malaysia 5D 341
A Feature Based Method for Tracking the 3-D Trajectory and the Orientation of a Signer’s Hand
Ahmadreza Rezaei, Mansur Vafadoost, Sadegh Rezaei, Yasser Shekofteh
179 Iran 4A 346
Design of Minskowsi Fractal Antenna for Dual Band Application
N. Abdullah, M.A. Arshad, E. Mohd, S. A. Hamzah
180 Malaysia 4D 352
A Matrix Usage of Load Balancing Heuristic for Shortest Path Routing
Nor Musliza Mustafa, Mohamed Othman, Zuriati Ahmad Zukarnain
181 Malaysia 3D 356
A Graphical and Convenient Tool for Document Comparison and Visualization
C.M.X. Benjamin, W.L. Woon, K.S.D. Wong
184 Malaysia 3C 362
An Approach for Multi Factor Authentication for Securing Smart Cards' Applications
Nazar A. Elfadil, Yaqoob J. Al-raisi
189 Oman 1F 368
Electronic Medical Record for Effective Patient Monitoring Database
Shihab A. Hameed, Shazana Mustapha, Aina Mardhiyah, Vladimer Miho
191 Malaysia 7C 373
Toward Software Engineering Principles based on Islamic Ethical Values
Shihab A. Hameed
192 Malaysia 7F 379
An Integrated Web/Mobile Remote Surveillance System
Shihab A.Hameed, Aznizam Abdullah
194 Malaysia 5E 386
Tracking Using Motion Estimation
Mansour A Al Zuair, Bandar Al Rashed
195 Saudi Arabia 2A 393
Intelligent Credit Scoring Model using Soft Computing Approach
A.Lahsasna , R.N.Ainon, Teh Ying Wah
196 Malaysia 5F 396
Nondiminishing Disturbance Rejection In Linear Multivariable Systems
Leesha Paul, Jeevamma Jacob, Kavitha C. S., Abraham T Mathew
199 India 6B 403
Wireless Smoke Detection System
Othman O. Khalifa, A. Albagul, Sheroz Khan, Mohd Rafiqul Islam, Noruzaihan Mod Usman
200 Malaysia 8D 409
A Framework for Measurement of Human’s Fatigue Level Using 2 Factors (Eyelid Blinking and Mouth Yawning)
Helmi Adly Mohd. Noor, Rosziati Ibrahim
202 Malaysia 2A 414
Survey of the Current Voter Verification Algorithms
Majid Javid Moayed, Abdul Azim Abdul Ghani, Ramlan Mahmod
206 Malaysia 7E 419
Analysis and Design of Optimal Demultiplexer Based on Mach-Zehnder Interferometer for CWDM Application
Noran Azizan Cholan, Rahmat Talib, Maisara Othman, Jiwa Abdullah, Teo Chun Siang and Nor Hafizah Ngajikin
208 Malaysia 6D 423
Road segmentation  from  satellite aerial images by means of adaptive neighborhood mathematical morphology
S. Letitia, Elwin Chandra Monie          
211 India 4A 427
Radon Transformation for Arabic Character Recognition
Eman Abdulaziz, Khalil I. Alsaif
213 Iraq 5A 433
Evaluating Unsupervised Data In Isolated Speech Recognizer
Noraini Seman, Siti Salwa Salleh, Naimah Mohd Hussin
214 Malaysia 2A 439
Unicode Searching Algorithm Using Multilevel Binary Tree Applied On Bangla Unicode
Md. Akhtaruzzaman
215 Bangladesh 7F 445
Mixed Traffic Modeling for Wireless Cellular Network
A.B.M.Siddique Hossain­, Md. Shahriar Karim, Md. Imdadul Islam
218 Bangladesh 2E 450
Effectiveness of Relevance Feedback for Content Based Image Retrieval Using Gustafson-Kessel Algorithm
Ali Selamat, Muhammad Khairi Ismail
220 Malaysia 6C 455
Finding English and Translated Arabic Documents Similarities Using GHSOM
Ali Selamat, Hanadi Hassen Ismail 
222 Malaysia 7C 460
Representation of Musical Rhythm and its Classification System Based on Mathematical and Geometrical Analysis
Md. Akhtaruzzaman
226 Bangladesh 7F 466
A Reversible Watermarking with Low Warping: An Application to Digital Fundus Image
Poonkuntran Shanmugam, Rajesh .R.S, Eswaran Perumal
229 India 4A 472
Comparative Study of Pilot Symbol Assisted (PSA) Beamforming Techniques for (3G) WCDMA Reverse Link
Ahmed  M. Ahmed Jad Elrab, Nidal  S. Kamel
231 Malaysia 7B 478
Performance Analysis of Non-blind Adaptive Beamforming Techniques for (3G) WCDMA Uplink
Ahmed M. Ahmed  Jad Elrab, Nidal S. Kamel
232 Malaysia 7B 483
Failure Recovery of Composite Semantic Web Services using Subgraph Replacement
Hadi Saboohi, Amineh Amini, Hassan Abolhassani
233 Iran 6F 489
Integrating Agent into Executive Information System: A Case Study in KUIS
Nurul Ibtisam binti Yaacob, Juzlinda binti Mohd Ghazali, Ahmad Sofian bin Shminan
242 Malaysia 1C 494
Fuzzy Logic Based Algorithm for Uniprocessor Scheduling
Abdurazzag Ali Aburas, Vladimir Miho
243 Malaysia 5F 499
Increasing Packet Delivery in Ad Hoc On-Demand Distance Vector (AODV) Routing Protocol
Noor Azlan Ahmad, Shamala K. Subramaniam, Jalil Md. Desa
245 Malaysia 8B 505
A Multiresolution Important Point Retrieval Method for Financial Time Series Representation
Chaliaw Phetking, Mohd Noor Md. Sap, Ali Selamat
247 Malaysia 7C 510
Iris Recognition System by Using Support Vector Machines
Hasimah Ali, Momoh J. E. Salami, Wahyudi
249 Malaysia 4A 516
Inter-Satellite Laser Communication System
K.Shantha lakshmi, M.P.Senthil kumar,K.V.N.Kavitha
252 India 7D 522
MyMobiHalal 2.0: Malaysian Mobile Halal Product Verification using Camera Phone Barcode Scanning and MMS
Syahrul N. Junaini, Johari Abdullah
255 Malaysia 2C 528
Ear Recognition using Features Inspired by Visual Cortex and Support Vector Machine technique
Mahboubeh Yaqubi, Karim Faez, Sara Motamed
260 Iran 2A 533
A Novel Erbium-Doped Fiber Laser Source (EDFL)
Sellami Ali, Khalid A. S. Al-Khateeb, Belloui Bouzid 
268 Malaysia 6D 538
Parameter Tuning for Ant Colony Optimization: A Review
Kuan Yew Wong, Komarudin
275 Malaysia 8F 542
Comparison of the Effect Structure on Ring and Linear Cavity Lasers of Er-Doped Optical Fibers
Sellami Ali, Khalid A. S. Al-Khateeb and Belloui Bouzid 
279 Malaysia 7D 546
A High-Speed Highly-Linear CMOS S/H Circuit
Mahmoud Sadollahy, Khayrollah Hadidi
281 Iran 2B 550
Heterogeneous Distributed Clustering in Sensor Networks
Peyman Teymoori, Toktam Ramezani Farkhani 
282 Iran 7E 554
An ANFIS Based Method for Design Optimization of Soliton Links Using Lumped EDFA Repeaters
N. Vijayakumar, Nisha S. Nair
285 India 7D 560
A Basic Sequential Algorithmic Scheme Approach for Classification of Modulation based on Neural Network
Negar Ahmadi, Reza Berangi 
286 Iran 7B 565
An ELFN-Based Adaptive Probing Strategy to Improve TCP Performance in Ad Hoc Networks
Harshad B. Prajapati, Brijesh S. Bhatt, Vipul K. Dabhi
287 India 3F 570
Soft Computing Based Intelligent Grid Architecture
Vipul K. Dabhi, Harshad B. Prajapati
288 India 8F 574
Customer profiling for business advantage using an Indian bank data
Alka Vaidya, Hemalatha Diwakar
296 India 6C 578
Damage Index: Assessment of Mould Growth on Building Materials Using Digital Image Processing Technique
I. A. Bamgbopa, A. M. Aibinu, M. J. E. Salami, A. Shafie, M. Ali and P. S. Jahn Kassim
298 Malaysia 8F 584
EAM: Expansive Access Modifiers in OOP
Toktam Ramezani Farkhani , Mohammadreza Razzazi, Peyman Teymoori 
303 Iran 4C 589
Countermeasure for Detection of Honeypot Deployment
Lai-Ming Shiue, Shang-Juh Kao
304 Taiwan 4E 595
Using Natural Language Processing in Order to Create SQL Queries
F.Siasar djahantighi, M.Norouzifard, S.H.Davarpanah, M.H.Shenassa
305 Iran 5C 600
An FPGA Implementation of an Artificial Neural Network for Prediction of Cetane Number
G. Alizadeh, J. Frounchi, M. Baradaran Nia, M. H. Zarifi, S. Asgarifar
306 Iran 2B 605
RF Bandpass Tunable Filter using RF MEMS
A.H.M. Zahirul Alam, Md. Rafiqul Islam, Sheroz Khan, Soheli Farhana, Nik Noor Atikah Bt. Nik Mohd. Salleh and Noraini Aziz
307 Malaysia 8D 609
Better Learning of Neural Networks Using Functional Graph for Analysis of Wireless Network
Joseph Raj V, Heren Chellam G, Stella Morris
310 Turkey 5F 613
Absolute Polar Duty Cycle Division Multiplexing (APDCDM); Technique for Wireless Communications
Amin Malekmohammadi, M.K.Abdullah, A.F.Abas, G.A.Mahdiraji, M.Mokhtar 
316 Malaysia 1E 617
Directional UWB Channel Characterization
Ali H. Muqaibel
320 Saudi Arabia 4D 621
An Overview of Stochastic partitioning algorithms and their performance
Ahlal Montaser, M.E. Woodward
321 UK 8E 626
Speeding-up Wide-fan in Domino Logic Using a Controlled Strong PMOS Keeper
Sherif M. Sharroush, Yasser S. Abdalla, Ahmed A. Dessouki,  El-Sayed A. El-Badawy
322 Egypt 1B 633
Wave Reflection from Semiconductor Half-Space Based on Charge Transport Model
Ibrahim El-Abyad, Mohamed Eldessouki, Hadia El-Hennawy
324 Egypt 5D 638
Secured Route Optimization in Mobile IPv6 Wireless Networks in terms of Data Integrity
Abbas Mehdizadeh, Sabira Khatun, Borhanuddin Mohd.Ali, R.S.A Raja Abdullah, G.Kurup
325 Malaysia 4E 643
Anticipating Ethical Challenges of RFID
Ahsanullah M Dewan, Shams Ara Nazmin, Saifullah M Dewan
326 Bangladesh 7F 647
Erasures Recoverability Analysis for SPC Product Codes
Ali Muqaibel, Khalid Darwish, Sohaib Al-Baset
328 Saudi Arabia 1F 652
The opportunities and barriers of using ICT by Small and Medium Enterprises in Bangladesh: Case of SMEs in BSCIC Industrial Estates
Ahsanullah M Dewan, Shams Ara Nazmin
329 Bangladesh 7F 656
A Modified Heuristic Approach of Logical Topology Design in WDM Optical Networks
Ebrahim E. Bedeer, Hossam M. H. Shalaby, El-Sayed A. El-Badawy, Salah A. Khamis
331 Egypt 7D 662
On the Decoding of Convolutional Codes Using Genetic Algorithms
Hassan Berbia, Mostafa Belkasmi , Fayssal Elbouanani , Fouad Ayoub
334 Morocco 1F 667
Design of the Input Matching Network of RF CMOS LNAs Using Stack Inductors
Javad Frounchi, Mohammad Hossein Zarifi
336 Iran 4B 672
A Small Novel Ultra Wideband Antenna with Slotted Ground Plane
Yusnita Rahayu, Tharek Abd. Rahman, Razali Ngah, P.S. Hall
337 Malaysia 4D 677
Design and Implementation of MP3 Decoder using Partial Dynamic Reconfiguration on Virtex-4 FPGAs
Hamed Taghipour, Javad Frounchi, Mohammad Hossein Zarifi
338 Iran 1B 683
New Rotaion Invariant Features for Texture Classification
H. Mahersia, K. Hamrouni
343 Tunisia 3A 687
Real Time Implementation of NARMA L2 Feedback Linearization and Smoothed NARMA L2 Controls of a Single Link Manipulator
Wahyudi, Siti Salasiah Mokri , Amir A. Shafie
346 Malaysia 6B 691
Adaptive Resource Allocation Scheme Based on Call Admission Control and Mobility Prediction for Multimedia Services in Wireless Cellular Networks
M. Sanabani, S. Shamala, M. Othman, Z. Zukarnain
347 Yemen 2D 698
Scalable E-business Social Network Using MultiCrawler Agent
Siti Nurkhadijah Aishah Ibrahim, Ali Selamat, Md. Hafiz Selamat
352 Malaysia 1C 702
Diffusive primitives in the Design of Modern Cryptographic Algorithms
Sapiee Haji Jamel, Mustafa Mat Deris
356 Malaysia 3E 707
Photo-Realistic Text-Driven Malay Talking Head With Multiple Expression
Tian-Swee Tan, Sh-Hussain Salleh, Kim-Mey Chew, Sheau-Chyi Lim
359 Malaysia 3A 711
Limited Multiuser Detection Technique using Multisub of Correlation Factor for DS- CDMA System
Lokesh Tharani, R.P.Yadav
361 India 7B 716
Isolated Malay Speech Recognition Using Hidden Markov Models
Fadhilah Rosdi, Raja N. Ainon
362 Malaysia 5A 721
Specific Features of a Converter of Web Documents from Bengali to Universal Networking Language
 Md. Nawab Yousuf Ali,  Jugal Krishna Das, S. M. Abdullah Al-Mamun, Md Ershadul H. Choudhury
364 Bangladesh 7F 726
Data Analysis of Road Pavement Density Measurements Using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
RSA Raja Abdullah , Helmi Zulhaidi bin Mohd Shafri , Mardeni Bin Roslee
368 Malaysia 4D 732
Principal components analysis for Hindi digits recognition
Mohammad Said El-Bashir, Rahmita Wirza O.K. Rahmat, Fatima Ahmad,  Md Nasir Sulaiman
370 Malaysia 5A 738
Implementation of Neural Network For Internal Model Control and Adaptive Control
 S. K. Chidrawar, B. M. Patre
373 India 8F 741
Multi Level Exceptions Mining in OLAP Data Cubes
M. Naderi Dehkordi, M. H. Shenassa, Kambiz Badie
374 Iran 7C 747
Dimensioning of ISDN PRI Traffic Using I-TAPS
Raihana Reh , Muhammad Harith Zol Azlan, Zabidah Saleh , Surati Selamat , Khalida Oseman , Mohd Nazrul Hanif Nordin 
375 Malaysia 6F 752
Computation of Scale-Independent Surface Roughness via the Generation of Multiscale Digital Elevation Models
Dinesh Sathyamoorthy, Ahmad Fadzil Mohamad Hani, Vijanth Sagayan Asirvadam
377 Malaysia 6A 756
An Analytical Model for Threshold Voltage of FinFETs
B. Afzal, M. Rostami, M. Samaadi, A. Afzali-Kusha
381 Iran 5B 760
A New VLSI Architecture for a Reconfigurable, High-Speed, Digital Rank Order Filter
George J. Toscano, Pran K. Saha, A.H.M. Zahirul Alam
385 Malaysia 5B 764
An Overview of Speech Recognition System based on the Support Vector Machines
Balwant A. Sonkamble, D. D. Doye
388 India 5A 768
Research Analysis of Moodle Reports to Gauge the Level of Interactivity in eLearning Courses at Assumption University, Thailand
Kuldeep Nagi, Poonphon Suesawaluk
389 Thailand 7F 772
Web-Based Wireless Data Acquisition System using 32bit Single Board Computer
R. B. Ahmad, W. M. A. Mamat, M. R. Mohamed Juhari, S. Daud, N. W. Arshad
390 Malaysia 3B 777
Optic Nerve Head Segmentation Using Genetic Active Contours
Abdul Razak Hussain
392 Malaysia 7A 783
A Modified Approach for Fair Bandwidth Allocation between TCP and UDP Traffic in DiffServ Network
S.Sudha, N. Ammasaigounden
394 India 2E 788
Performance Analysis of Single and Combined Bit-Planes Feature Extraction for Recognition in Face Expression Database
K.C. Ting, D.B.L. Bong, Y.C. Wang
398 Malaysia 8A 792
Development of a Fuzzy-logic-based Occurrence Updating model for Process FMEA
Kai Meng Tay, Chee Sing Teh, David Bong
400 Malaysia 3C 796
Handwritten Arabic Word Recognition:  A Review of Common approaches
Assma O. H., Othman O. Khalifa, Aisha Hassan 
402 Malaysia 6A 801
Rough Set and XCS in Classification Problems
Thach H. Nguyen, Sombut Foitong , Ouen Pinngern 
404 Thailand 5C 806
A novel Strategy for Data Rate Adaptation in IEEE 802.11g In The Case of Video Streaming
Salim Abukharis, Tim O'Farrell
408 Libya 8B 812
Secure Cash Withdrawal through Mobile Phone/Device
Abdullahi Arabo 
411 United Kingdom 1D 818
Incorporating AP Selection and Call Admission Control for Seamless Handoff Procedure
Kuo-Shu Huang, I-Ping Hsieh, Shang-Juh Kao
413 Taiwan 4E 823
Knowledge Extraction From Human Motion
Altahir A. Altahir, Vijanth S. Asirvadam, Patrick Sebastian, Arif Abdalwhab 
416 Malaysia 3C 827
The effects of compiler optimizations in face recognition system
Shuhaizar Daud, Zahereel Ishwar Abdul Khalib, R. Badlishah Ahmad, M. Rizon Juhari
420 Malaysia 6E 833
Using Clock gating Technique for Energy Reduction in Portable Computers
Diary Rawoof Sulaiman 
422 Iraq 6E 839
Generating Nested XML Documents from Unnormalized Relational Views Using A Statistically Approach
Mohammed Nasser, Hamidah Ibrahim, Ali Mamat, Md. Nasir Sulaiman
423 Malaysia 6C 843
Performance Study on Optimal Boundary Per WiMAX Cell
Najma @ Thinzar Oo, Sidek Karim, Mohiuddin Ahmed 
430 Malaysia 2D 849
Access Control Scheme for Web Services ( ACSWS )
Selma Elsheikh 
432 UAE 5C 854
An Adaptive Channel Coding Technique for Progressive Transmission of Images Jen-Lung Lo, Saeid Sanei 433 UK 3A 859
A Technique for Improving the Max-Min Ant System Algorithm
Phen Chiak See, Kuan Yew Wong, Komarudin
435 Malaysia 5F 863
Flood Transmission based Protocol for Home Automation System via Power Line Communication
Rozeha A. Rashid, Mohd Adib Sarijari, Mohd Rozaini Abd Rahim, Tan Zun Yang
439 Malaysia 3B 867
Design Centering Scheme for Robust SRAM Cell Design
Masoud Rostami, Behzad Ebrahimi, Ali Afzali-Kusha
453 Iran 5B 871
Simulation of Smart Card Interface with PIC for Vehicle Security System
Siti Zarina Mohd. Muji, Mohd. Helmy Abd Wahab, Mohd. Amin bin Mohd. Zin, Ayob Johari
454 Malaysia 6B 878
Objective Function Selection of GA-Based PID Control Optimization for Automatic Gantry Crane
Mahmud Iwan Solihin, Wahyudi, M.A.S. Kamal, Ari Legowo
456 Malaysia 2F 883
A Prediction Module to Optimize Scheduling in a Grid Computing Environment
Maleeha Kiran, Aisha Hassan Abdalla, Yap Yee Jiun, Lim Mei Kuan
462 Malaysia 5E 888
Review and Evaluation of the Proposed Wireless Mesh Routing Protocols
Zainab Senan Mahmod, Aisha Hassan Abdalla, Sufyan Al-Irhayim, Sheroz Khan
463 Malaysia 5E 894
Security System Using Biometric Technology: Design and Implementation of Voice Recognition System (VRS)
Rozeha A. Rashid, Nur Hija Mahalin, Mohd Adib Sarijari, Ahmad Aizuddin Abdul Aziz
466 Malaysia 8A 898
A Comparative Study of Source Specific Multicast and Aggregated Source Specific Multicast
Ahmad Taqiyuddin, Muaz Zainal Arifin, Aisha Hassan Abdalla,  Farhat Anwar  
469 Malaysia 5E 903
Enabling Multimodal Interaction in Web-Based Personal Digital Photo Browsing
N.A. Ismail, E. A. O'Brien
472 Malaysia 6F 907
WCDMA Receiver Structure with Smart Antennas System
Alaa J. Al-Joubory, Fawzi M. Al-Naima, Samir S. Raouf
473 Pakistan 7B 911
Design and Analysis of a Mixed-Mode Universal Filter Using Dual-Output Operational Transconductance Amplifiers (DO-OTAs)
Muhammed A. Ibrahim
481 Iraq 1B 915
A Novel Extension of SSL/TLS Based on Quantum Key Distribution
Sufyan T. Faraj
482 Iraq 7E 919
Development of a Novel Voice Verification System using Wavelets
Rajparthiban Kumar, Aravind CV, Kanendra Naidu, Anis Fariza
484 Malaysia 8A 923
A Dynamic Approach to Visualize Impact Analysis and Support Regression Testing On Meta Level
Kamal Zuhairi Zamli, Omid Pourgalehdari, Nor Ashidi Mat Isa
489 Malaysia 6E 928
Design and Analysis of a Sequential Ring Counter for QCA Implementation
Mehdi Askari1, Maryam Taghizadeh, Khossro Fardad
492 Iran 4B 933
Parameterized Shift-And String Matching Algorithm Using Super Alphabet
Rajesh Prasad, Suneeta Agarwal
495 India 4C 937
A Novel Method to Estimate of Mixing Matrix under Over-Complete Cases in Wavelet Packet Domain
B. Mozaffari, M.A Tinati
498 Iran 5A 943
Localization of the optic disk in retinal image using the “watersnake”
Jlassi Hajer, Hamrouni Kamel, Ellouze Noureddine
500 Tunisia 6A 947
Digital Design Using Quantum-Dot Cellular automata (A Nanotechnology Method)
Mehdi Askari, Maryam Taghizadeh, Khossro Fardad
502 Iran 4B 952
The Comparison of Various Code Assignment Schemes in Wideband CDMA
Mehdi Askari, Reza Saadat, Mansour Nakhkash 
503 Iran 1E 956
Gate Leakage Current of a Double Gate N-MOS on (111) Silicon - A Quantum Mechanical Study
Sabbir Ahmed, Ahsan-Ul-Alam, Md. Kawsar Alam, Quazi Deen Mohd Khosru
509 Bangladesh 2B 960
Using UML Scenarios in B2B systems
A. Jakimi, A. Sabraoui, A. Salah, M.  El Koutbi
510 Morocco 2C 964
Network Mobility in Ad hoc Networks
N. Enneya, K. Oudi, M. Elkoutbi
511 Morocco 3F 969
An application of Gamma Formalism in Database Design
A. Touir, H. Mathkour, D. Al-Athel
514 Saudi Arabia 5C 974
Inter-Satellite Laser Communication System
K.Shantha lakshmi, M.P.Senthil kumar, K.V.N.Kavitha
525 India 4F 978
Artificial Immune System inspired danger modelling in Wireless Mesh Networks
Mahira Atham Lebbe (Mahira M.Mowjoon), Johnson I Agbinya, Zenon Chaczko, Robin Braun 
530 Australia 4F 984
Comparative Analysis on Adaptive Features for RFID Middleware
Siti Zaiton Mohd Hashim, Mardiyono, Nurulhaini Anuar , Wan Mohd Nasir Wan Kadir
537 Malaysia 8C 989
Development of DNA Sequencing Accelerator Based on Smith Waterman Algorithm With Heuristic Divide and Conquer Technique for FPGA Implementation
Syed Abdul Mutalib Al Junid, Zulkifli Abd Majid, Abdul Karimi Halim
541 Malaysia 2B 994
Wideband Dielectric Resonator Antenna for C-Band Application
M.F.Ain , S.I.S.Hassan , M.A.Othman , S.Sreekantan, S.D.Hutagalung , Z.A.Ahmad
542 Malaysia 4D 997
Interference Signal Analysis of IEEE 802.15.1 to RFID Communication System at 2.45 GHz
Usman R-yohsae, Sathaporn Promwong, Nikorn Sukutamatanti
546 Thailand 3F 1000
Continuous LoSS Detection Using Iterative Window Based On SOSS Model and MLS Approach
Mohd Fo’ad Rohani, Mohd Aizaini Maarof, Ali Selamat, Houssain Kettani
549 Malaysia 8E 1005
Improving system performance through operating system optimization on embedded devices platform
Shuhaizar Daud, Zahereel Ishwar Abdul Khalib, R. Badlishah Ahmad
552 Malaysia 8E 1010
GRID Architecture through a Public Cluster
Z. Akbar, L.T. Handoko
553 Indonesia 8B 1016
A Framework of Tag Anti-collision Algorithm for Fast Identification in RFID System
Siti Mahfuzoh Wasikon, Zurinah Suradi
555 Malaysia 8C 1019
Analysis of Decision Feedback using RTCP for Multimedia Streaming over 3G
M.Sivabalakrishnan, D.Manjula
558 India 6F 1023
Characterization of Double Directional RFID in an Indoor Environment with Human Body
Phissanu Malison, Sathaporn Promwong, Nikorn Sukutamatanti
561 Thailand 8C 1027
Simulated Annealing Algorithm for Scheduling Divisible Load in Large Scale Data Grids
Monir Abdullah, Mohamed Othman, Hamidah Ibrahim, Shamala Subramaniam
563 Malaysia 8B 1032
Experimental Evaluation of Complex Form Friis’ Transmission Formula with Indoor/Outdoor for Ultra Wideband Inpulse Radio
Sathaporn Promwong,  Payngsak Panthap
565 Thailand 5D 1037
BCD Computing Structures in Quantum- Dot Cellular Automata
Maryam Taghizadeh, Mehdi Askari, Khossro Fardad
567 Iran 2B 1042
Objective Measurements of Distorted Image Quality Evaluation
Ratchakit Sakuldee, Somkait Udomhunsakul
568 Thailand 6A 1046
Optimizing Extreme Programming
Zahid Hussain, Martin Lechner, Harald Milchrahm, Sara Shahzad,
570 Austria 2C 1052
A SOA-based Information Management Model for Next-Generation Network
Konstantinos Kotsopoulos, Pouwan Lei, Yim Fun Hu
580 United Kingdom 3E 1057
3D elastic registration using a balanced multi resolution Reeb graph : Application for a detection of a maxilla facial malformation
Metiri Makram, Hamrouni Kamel, Menif Emna
587 Tunisia 6A 1063
Introduction of Novel Dispatching Rules for Grid Scheduling Algorithms
Aysan Rasooli, Mohammad Mirza-Aghatabar, Siavash Khorsandi
588 Iran 3E 1072
Instantaneous Modeling of Linear Network on Simulated Wireless Environment
Musab J.O. Elamin, Vijanth S. Asirvadam
596 Malaysia 6A 1079
A cooperative approach for QoS-aware Web services’ Selection
Mohamed Adel Serhani, Elarbi Badidi, Abdelghani Benharref, Mohamed Salem
598 UAE 6F 1084
In situ Fish Target Strength Measurements Compared with X-Ray Images of Swimbladder
Sunardi1, Jafri Din, Raja Bidin Raja Hassan, Nadzri Seman
599 Indonesia 7A 1089
GSM-Based Remote Sensing and Control System Using FPGA
Wael M El-Medany, Mahmoud R El-Sabry 
600 Bahrain 4B 1093
New Approach to Calculate Energy on NoC
M. H. Ghadiry, M. Nadi, D. Rahmati
603 Iran 5B 1098
Progressive Compression based on Multiscale Edge Model
Paul Bao, Xianjun Zhang
606 USA 3A 1105
Collaborative Walkthrough using 3D Warping
Paul Bao, Douglas Gourlay
607 USA 2D 1110
Modeling and Analysis for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks by Using of Multi-Dimensional Markov Models
Hesham ElBadawy
612 Egypt 2E 1116
VLSI Design and Implementation of Adaptive Channel Equalizer
A.A.H. Ab-Rahman, I. Kamisian, A.Z. Sha’ameri
615 Malaysia 1B 1121
Vowel Classification based on Frequency Response of Vocal Tract
Paulraj M.P, SazaliYaacob, Shahrul Azmi M.Y
617 Malaysia 8A 1125
Direct Sequence Ultra Wideband System Design for Wireless Sensor Network
Md. Anwarul Azim, Hafizal Mohammad, Mijanur Rahman, Nowshad Amin
618 Bangladesh 4F 1131
Microcontroller Based Standalone PV system for Wireless Sensor Node
Md. Anwarul Azim, S. M. Ariful Huda, Hafizal Mohammad, Nowshad Amin
621 Bangladesh 6B 1136
Collaborative Decision Making framework for Multi-Agent System
Indiramma M, Anandakumar K R
624 India 1C 1140
Ultrasonic Process Tomographic Imaging Sensor: An Approach Utilising Transceivers Method
M. H. Fazalul Rahiman, Z. Zakaria, R. Abdul Rahim
628 Malaysia 6B 1147
Performance analysis of power efficient hierarchical extension of source routing protocol for mobile ad hoc networks
S. Arumugam, G. Mary JansiRani
637 India 8B 1151
Development of Mathematical Model for the Prediction of Microwave Signal Attenuation due to Duststorm
Zain Elabdin, Md. Rafiqul Islam, Othman O. Khalifa, Hany Essam A Raouf, Momoh Jimoh E Salami
640 Malaysia 5D 1156
Reliability Evaluation of Scalable Complex Networks through Delta-Star Conversion
Wajdi Al-Khateeb, Sufyan Al-Irhayim, Khalid Al-Khateeb
641 Malaysia 2E 1162
Development of Power Control Module in RFID Reader Circuit: A Mentor Graphic Simulation Approach
M. Jasim Uddin, M. I. Ibrahimy, M. B. I. Reaz
645 Malaysia 8C 1167
Ambiguity in Text Mining
Hejab Ma’azer Al Fawareh, Shaidah Jusoh, Wan Rozaini Sheikh Osman
646 Malaysia 3C 1172
A Simple and Effective Technique for Human Verification with Hand Geometry
Md. Arafatur Rahman, Farhat Anwar, Md. Saiful Azad
649 Malaysia 7A 1177
Duststorm Measurements for the Prediction of Attenuation on Microwave Signals in Sudan
Zain Elabdin, Md. Rafiqul Islam, Othman O. Khalifa, Ahmad Faris Ismail
650 Malaysia 5D 1181
Development of Analytical Flat Phantom Model for EM Radiation to Evaluate Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) in Human Body
Hikma Shabani, Rafiqul Islam, AHM Zahirul Alam, Hany Essam Abd El-Raouf 
651 Malaysia 8D 1186
EM Radiation and Evaluation of Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) in Human Body Exposed to Wireless-Base Station Fields at IIUM Campus
Md. Rafiqul Islam, AHM Zahirul Alam, Hikma Shabani
652 Malaysia 8D 1194
A New Scalable Reliable Multicast Transport Protocol Using Perfect Buffer Management
Adznan b. Jantan, Sakher A. Hatem, Ali Alsayh, Sabira Khatun, Mohd. Fadlee B.A. Rasid
654 Malaysia 7E 1201
Effect of Weather Conditions on Quality of Free Space Optics Links (with focus on Malaysia)
Husagic Alma, Wajdi Al-Khateeb
657 Malaysia 7D 1206
Human Identification and Recognition System using More Significant Hand Attributes
S.Selvarajan, V.Palanisamy, B.Mathivanan
661 India 7A 1211
Stealth Steganography in Visual Cryptography for Half Tone Images
Kh. Manglem Singh, Sukumar Nandi, S. Birendra Singh, L. ShyamSundar Singh
663 India 7E 1217
Fuzzy Based Technique for Microchip Lead Inspection Using Machine Vision
Yasser Hawari, Momoh J.E. Salami, Abdurazzag Ali Aburas
666 Malaysia 2F 1222
Can We Trust Trusted Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks?
Mohammad Momani, Subhash Challa, Rami Alhmouz
668 Australia 2E 1227
Comprehensive Driving Behavior Model for Intelligent Transportation Systems
M.A.S. Kamal, Raisuddin, Wahyudi, R. Muhida
669 Malaysia 1C 1233
Characterization of Mean Photon Number for Key Distribution System Using Faint Laser
Salim Al-Kathiri , Wajdi Al-Khateeb, Mohd Hafizulfika, Mohamed Ridza Wahiddin, Suhairi Saharudin
671 Indonesia 6D 1237
Fade Dynamics Review of Microwave Signals on Earth-Space Paths at Ku-Band
Hassan Dao, Md. Rafiqul Islam, Khalid A.S. Al-Khateeb
673 Malaysia 3F 1243
An Incremental Testing Method based on Timed Message Sequence Charts
Abdeslam En-Nouaary
675 Canada 2C 1248
Evaluation Study of QoS-Enabled AODV
Nur Idawati Md Enzai, Farhat Anwar, Omer Mahmoud
677 Malaysia 2E 1254
Investigating Mobile Motion Prediction in Supporting Seamless Handover for High Speed Mobile Node
Naimah Yaakob, Farhat Anwar, Zeldi Suryady, Aisha Hassan Abdalla 
678 Malaysia 8B 1260
A Non-Contact Capacitance Type Level Transducer for Liquid Characterization
Sheroz Khan, Khalifa, Kyaw Kyaw Htike @ Muhammad Ali, A. H. M. Zahirul Alam, Mohd Rafiqul Islam, Othman O. Khalifa, Saman S. Khan
679 Malaysia 6B 1264
A Dynamic Approach For Location Management in IP-based Networks
Hassan, W. H., Hassan, A., Fisal, N.
680 Malaysia 3C 1270
Low Phase Noise Performance of VCO Using MEMS
Khalid A. S. Al-Khateeb and M. Mu’adz Mohd Subki 
681 Malaysia 5B 1278
Using MEMS in Class D Amplifiers for Standard GSM Carrier
Khalid A. S. Al-Khateeb, Nik M. Yusri bin M. Harun
683 Malaysia 5B 1284
MAC Protocol to Reduce Packet Collision in Wireless Sensor Network
Azni Haslizan Ab.Halim, Kartinah Zen
685 Malaysia 8B 1290
Reduced-Size Dual Band Wilkinson Power Dividers
Majeed A. S. Alkanhal  
686 Saudi Arabia 4F 1294
Synchronization Problem in Replicated HLR – HLR Audit Tool
Zeyad O. Alhekail, Mohammed Jameel Ahmed, Syed Nazim Nawaz, Khalid Al-Mashouq, Akram A. Aburas
688 Saudi Arabia 6C 1299
Speeding-up Fractal Colored Image Compression Using Moments Features
Loay E.George, Eman A. Al-Hilo
689 Iraq 7A 1303
A Novel Method for Digitizing Standard ECG Papers
Jalel Chebil, Jamal Al-Nabulsi, Mohammed Al-Maitah
692 Jordan 7A 1308
Bandwidth Enhancement of a Compact Antenna Based on the Composite Right/Left-Handed (CRLH) Transmission-Line (TL)
Mimi Aminah Wan Nordin, Hany E. Abd El-Raouf, Abubeker Abdulkerim Yussuf
694 Malaysia 5D 1313
Performance of CMOS Schmitt Trigger
R. Sapawi, R.L.S Chee, S.K Sahari, N. Julai
695 Malaysia 4B 1317
Development of an Artificial Neural Network Algorithm for Predicting the Surface Roughness in End Milling of Inconel 718 Alloy
Mohammad Ishtiyaq Hossain, AKM Nurul Amin, Anayet U Patwari
696 Malaysia 2F 1321
Imperceptibility and Robustness Analysis of DWT-based Digital Image Watermarking
Yusnita Yusof, Othman O. Khalifa
697 Malaysia 8A 1325
Multi-Objective Optimization Using Genetic Algorithm for Gene Selection from Microarray Data
Mohd Saberi Mohamad, Sigeru Omatu, Safaai Deris, Michifumi Yoshioka
698 Japan 2F 1331
Color Segmentation using Multi Layer Neural Network and the HSV Color Space
Malik Arman Morshidi, Mohammad Hamiruce Marhaban, Adznan Jantan
699 Malaysia 8A 1335
Downlink Channel Estimation and Tracking in Mobile WiMAX Systems
Masrul Faizal Mohamad, Mohammed Abdo Saeed, Akhmad Unggul Priantoro
702 Malaysia 1E 1340
Addition of Gaussian Random Signals for Peak to Average Power Ratio Reduction in OFDM Systems
Wisam F. Al-Azzo, Borhanuddin M. Ali, Sabira Khatun, Syed M.  Bilfagih, Nor K. Noordin
704 Malaysia 1E 1344
An Efficient Approach to Mitigate Scintillation Effects on GPS Range-Finding in Ionosphere
Farah Diyana Abdul Rahman, Aisha Hassan, Hal Strangeways
706 Malaysia 4F 1348
Secure Data Communication Using Blind Source Separation
Anil Kumar, E. A. Elkhazmi, Othman O Khalifa, Abdulgani Albagul
707 Libya 5E 1352
An Effective Term Weighting Method Using Random Walk Model for Information Retrieval
Md. Rafiqul Islam, Buddha Dev Sarker, Md. Rakibul Islam
709 Bangladesh 4C 1357
Best Practices of RUP in Software Product Line Development
Faheem Ahmed, Luiz Fernando Capretz
712 Canada 4C 1363
Intelligent Dynamic Traffic Light Sequence Using RFID
Khalid Al-Khateeb, Jaiz A. Y. Johari
714 Malaysia 8C 1367
Morphology Approach for Features Extraction in Retinal Images for Diabetic Retionopathy Diagnosis
Ibrahim Abdurrazaq, Subhas Hati, C. Eswaran
715 Malaysia 7C 1373