Message From The Head

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One of the most important factors for a developing nation to become fully industrialized nation is to have a good planning and development of manpower. It is a challenge for Malaysia to provide skilled and knowledgeable workers, engineers, managers and executives that fulfill the needs of industry, and at appropriate level of today’s advanced technology. Overall planning in this matter is crucial in order to avoid imbalance between the demand and supply of manpower.


Advanced Engineering & Innovation Centre (AEIC),
IIUM is responsible in providing manpower of high quality standard, competent and relevant to industry needs. Enhancement and fostering a smart industrial partnership between IIUM and industry is a continuous effort by AEIC.


Academic programme at post graduate level such as Executive Masters Programme is one of the platforms in producing skilled and knowledgeable manpower in helping Malaysia to propel towards industrialized nation by the year 2020. This programme is targeted at ambitious self-driven engineers, managers and executives to prepare them for today’s industry needs.