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Flagships are projects taken by IIUMย  Community as an effort to promote sustainable development goal and contribute to the well being of the society.

IIUM Flagship
  • Sustainable Social Bank

    About this flagship (FG 34) This flagship is a continuation from the Masachain Flagship and the main component of Masachain, the Blockchain technology, is still maintained. The Masachain concept has inspired the development of the Waqf Time System in IIUM and further enhanced the Sustainable Social Bank (SSB) System. The main idea behind the Sustainable

  • Hikam

    HIKAMย is managed by theย IMARAHย team (Islamic & Malay Medical Manuscripts Research and Information Unit) based at the Kulliyyah of Allied Health Sciences (KAHS), IIUM Kuantan.ย IMARAHย was formed following the success ofย ICOMMM2015ย (International Conference on Malay Medical Manuscripts). This website complementsย KALAM UBATAN, the projectโ€™s Facebook page, as community engagement tools in disseminating and sharing information, raising awareness, and initiating

  • Gender Dysphoria

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