IIUM Flagships

Flagships are projects taken by IIUMย  Community as an effort to promote sustainable development goal and contribute to the well being of the society.



OKU 4U Sejahtera and Islamic Outreach Project is one of IIUMโ€™s major flagship projects. As the University strives to achieve the characteristics of Balanced Persons amongst its graduates and staff as well as the neighbouring community, no single individual should be left behind, especially the disadvantaged group that require special needs and attention, namely Persons with Disabilities (PwDs or OKU). PwDs face numerous challenges in life on a daily basis, from the most basic functions of managing themselves to fulfilling their religious duties as servants of Allah, and as students who have to excel just like everybody else.


This flagship is a continuation from the Masachain Flagship and the main component of Masachain, the Blockchain technology, is still maintained. The Masachain concept has inspired the development of the Waqf Time System in IIUM and further enhanced the Sustainable Social Bank (SSB) System. The main idea behind the Sustainable Social Bank (SSB) is the concept of the deposit of the time taken to provide services to the community to a social time bank, which can be withdrawn later when needed.


The main aim of this flagship is to be involved in the development of the Sejahtera community within the RCE Greater Gombak. In particular, the projects in the flagship will be undertaking activities to develop the economic wellbeing of youth, single mothers and disadvantaged IIUM community members. The lack of capital and relevant knowledge to economically sustain themselves especially during this pandemic of Covid-19 are the primary reasons for this flagship to focus on these three groups of beneficiaries. They will be equipped with necessary entrepreneurial skills such as e-commerce, digital marketing and financial literacy/management.

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