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  • Hamas says Zionist โ€˜madnessโ€™ against civilians shows total failure of occupation army
    on April 18, 2024

    The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement said on Tuesday that the โ€œZionist madnessโ€ directed against civilians in the Gaza Strip โ€œsignals the failure of the Israeli army in the face of the resistance.โ€ Senior Hamas official Izzat Al-Rishq added on Telegram that this reflects Zionist โ€œfearsโ€ of bigger developments. โ€œThe Zionist

  • Cruelty of language: Leaked NY Times memo reveals moral depravity of US media
    on April 18, 2024

    Theย New York Timesย (NYT) coverage of the Israeli carnage in Gaza, like that of other mainstream US media, is a disgrace to journalism. This assertion should not surprise anyone. US media is driven neither by facts nor morality, but by agendas, calculating and power-hungry. The humanity of 120 thousand dead and

  • Backlash as USC cancels valedictorianโ€™s speech over support for Palestine
    on April 17, 2024

    The University of Southernย Californiaย is facing intense backlash for the decision to cancel the valedictorian speech of a Muslim student at the commencement ceremony in May, a decision which the student has criticized as being silenced by anti-Palestinian hatred for her views on human rights. Inย a missiveย to the USC community, the

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    FG01 2LEAD4PEACE2 Capacity Building for Islam, Peace and Civilizational Development: Engaging Extremism, Terrorism and Conflict...

  • Sustainable Social Bank

    About this flagship (FG 34) This flagship is a continuation from the Masachain Flagship and...

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    HIKAMย is managed by theย IMARAHย team (Islamic & Malay Medical Manuscripts Research and Information Unit) based at...

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