Admission Information for Potential Students

Undergraduate Students

Language Requirements

Depending on the programme of study, instruction at IIUM is carried in English and/or Arabic. Applicants wishing to pursue studies in programmes taught in English must obtain:

  • A score of 550 in the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or
  • 6.0 points in the test administrated by the International English Language Testing Service (IELTS)
  • If they do not have either of these qualifications, applicants may sit for the IIUM-administered English Placement Test (EPT), in which they must obtain at least 6.0 points to fulfil the requirement.
  • Applicants interested in programmes taught in Arabic must obtain an exemption after sitting for the IIUM-administered Arabic Placement Test (APT).

Applicants who are unable to submit satisfactory results in any of the tests above may take up language proficiency courses at the university to fulfill the admission requirements.

Other Requirements

If deemed necessary, applicants may also be required to attend an interview and/or take an entrance test conducted by the University. Applicants should note that normally there are more applications than places available at the University. The fulfilment of the minimum entrance requirements alone does not guarantee admission into the University.

Brochure for Undergraduate Students (in Malay)

Postgraduate Students

About Centre for Postgraduate Studies (CPS)

The quest for quality postgraduate research-oriented academic programmes was the impetus to the establishment of the Centre for Postgraduate Studies (CPS) on July 1, 2000. After making a mark of passing 10 years of serving the postgraduate community of the university, the CPS aspires to be at the forefront of graduate academic advancement, premised on a global outlook and integration of knowledge.

CPS strives to create an environment, which stimulates and encourages both intellectual and social exchange among postgraduate students, the research staff and faculty members. The ultimate objective of CPS is to ensure that students produce researches of the highest quality, thus making significant contributions to the Ummah.

Useful Links to Information Regarding Admission to IIUM

Post Graduate Research in IIUM

Excellent research is built upon excellent people. In IIUM we have some of the best researchers renown in their field working with us developing ideas to make a positive impact on the lives of people, the economy and the environment. We don’t do this on our own; we build strong relationships and partnerships with industry, non-governmental organizations, public bodies and institutions across the world. The research collectively focuses on an interdisciplinary study that enables us to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals and make a meaningful contribution to tackle challenges ranging from health, climate change, food security to poverty and social justice. We welcome postgraduate students to work with us to achieve IIUM core purpose to become a leading international centre of educational excellence which seeks to restore the dynamic and progressive role of the Muslim Ummah in all branches of knowledge and intellectual discourse.

A list of funded research can be found on this link ( and we welcome communication from prospective postgraduate students.

“Commitment & Professionalism = Satisfaction”

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