International Islamic University Malaysia


IIUM has provided several facilities for IIUM community to use.

Learning facilities

To provide quality teaching and learning environment we provides classes, lecture hall, laboratories, study rooms, libraries and others.


Almost all of IIUM students are provided with on campus accommodation. .


While IIUM do not provide meals for the students, we provide a variety of dining options, from stalls, cafeterias, restaurants, coffee cafes and others. The meals range from local delicacies to international flavours.

Activities Centres

IIUM has provided several activities centres for its community's usage. These includes our IIUM Cultural Centre (ICC), auditoriums, halls, meeting places and others. We have held many shows, meetings, workshops and gatherings using these facilities.

Sport Centres

For a healthy student life, IIUM provided sport facilities to students which include a full fledged sport stadium with race track, football fields, hockey fields, tennis court, basketball courts and swimming pools too.


We provided general and dental clinics for students and staff alike to care for their health and well-being.


Shops are provided to our community to provide various goods and services such as mini-market, tailor, telecommunication services and others.

Religious Area

To cater for the spiritual need, IIUM provided mosques and musolla accross its campuses. Besides prayers, other religious activities such as talks, workshops, trainings and others are regularly conducted at these facilities.

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