International Islamic University Malaysia

IIUM Go Green Initiative

IIUM is currently implementing a “Low Carbon” campaign towards a “Go Green” campus and road-sharing.

The aim is to provide better and safer facilities to all, especially micro-mobility users and pedestrians.

In line with this, Al-Jami’ah Road within the Gombak campus is currently undergoing upgrading to create a dedicated lane for micro-mobility users along Al-Jami’ah Road.

The implementation and enforcement of the use of this lane will be communicated later. Hence, this infographic serves as an initial notice regarding the guidelines and procedures for use along Al-Jami’ah Road when enforcement is carried out.

Please note that parking alongside the shoulder of Al-Jamiah Road is strictly prohibited for all vehicles to avoid congestion and accidents.

It is kindly requested that all road users abide by these rules to ensure the safety of campus residents.

Your cooperation on this matter is highly appreciated.

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