Campus Life

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  Campus Life
The University is a friendly and welcoming place, with a vibrant and dynamic campus culture.


  Although they are located close to major cities, IIUM'S campuses are self-contained townships that have all the facilities and services needed to cater to a resident student's normal daily needs. The Facilities, Food and Services Unit (FFSU) makes sure of that. The services offered at the Kuala Lumpur campus in Gombak, is meant to demonstrate FFSU's commitment in meeting the customer's satisfaction. Similar services are available to students at the Matriculation Centre, Petaling Jaya and Kuantan campus.
  Event Management
  FFSU's functions include the management of events held at the Cultural Activities Centre (CAC) and the Auditorium. The CAC is often the preferred venue for IIUM community and the general public for its spacious space and modern ammenities. It has been used as an examination venue by organisations such as the Malaysian Civil Services Commission and the Japanese Language Society.
  Food and Beverages
  IIUM campuses are virtual International food fairs. At the Kuala Lumpur campus alone, there are more than 10 different places where you can snack or dine, with many choices of ambience and cuisines. A wide range of Asian, African, European and Middle Eastern delicacies can easily be found on campus.

Each residential college or mahallah has a cafeteria. In the Central Complex, there are food kiosks, cafes and restaurants that offer choices to suit every palate and temperament.

  There are more than a dozen convenience shops to supply campus residents with their stationery, toiletries, groceries, and other needs - all at affordable prices.
  Other Services
  At the Central Complex Business Centre, more services are provided by a variety of outlets, including the following:
  • Bookshop
  • Banks
  • Photo studio
  • Bakery
  • Hair salon
  • Computer sales and service shop
  • Post office
  • Photocopy centres
  • Laundry
  • Optician's shop
  • Travel and tours operator
  • Shop offering Middle Eastern products

There are also multi-concept stalls at the Campus Bazaar where different items and services are on offer for attactive prices.