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Welcome to the page that talks about humanity and voluntary alturistic activities done by IIUM students and staff. Our activities aim to promote goodness and make a difference in other people’s life. Our staff and students  understand that love, happiness and wealth are to be shared with others.

The University is known as ‘The Garden of Knowledge and Virtue”. We work hard to actualize this concept by promoting the culture of volunteerism among staff and students. Community engagement is a very important component in the University’s activities. Every staff and student knows that he or she should contribute to the society in whatever way.

Our students have proven that they are capable to run successful community service projects despite of the heavy study load. They believe that they have big roles to play to make the world a better place to live. Their young hearts have the burning desire to serve the nation and the ummah.

CENSERVE brings   opportunities for all staff and students to contribute to others in-need and discover the beauty of volunteerism.

We wish to hear all all staff say,

“It is a privilege to work at IIUM because we not only work for the University but able to contribute to develop the community and get great rewards from Allah through community service.”

We want to hear all students say,

“It is a privilege to receive a degree from IIUM because we not only learn knowledge from the classroom but able to engage ourselves with the community and gain life-changing experiences that makes us great citizens who carry the ummatic mission.”

We hope to hear the surrounding community say

“It is a privilege to have IIUM in our region. It not only shines us with knowledge but e the staff and students bring us social benefits.”

We welcome you to join us and make a difference in other people’s life.

“From IIUM To the Hearts of the Ummah”