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IIUM is  very proud of its students for their strong interest in voluntary work. Each    semester hundreds of students apply to become members of community service clubs. These clubs are the platform for them to plan activities. Each club will focus on certain community service projects according to its nature.
The administration of the club is run by the committee members under the supervision of the club advisor and the office of CENSERVE. The Centre provides them with training, basic facilities and support.
The club-members are given the empowerment to plan, run and evaluate projects so that they can get hands-on experience and develop maximum soft skills from these activities.
A student who starts his activities when he is in first year and continue doing so for 3 year will develop at least 8 skills with different levels.
  1. Communication skills
  2. Critical thinking and problem solving
  3. Team building
  4. Long-life learning and information management
  5. Social Entrepreneurship
  6. Professionalism and moral ethics
  7. Leadership
  8. Daawah
Community service activities done by students through club-based activities at CENSERVE are totally voluntary. They do not even academic credit for their activities. Although, the University also provides credited community service for students through its credited co-curricular progarmme, it is proven that the commitment and quality of programme done voluntarily is far better than the ones with academic credits.
CENSERVE encourages students to inculcate the sense of humanity and it can only be developed when students see, hear and touch the suffering of the less fortunate. We bring them to experience hardship so that they can create ideas and implement them.
There are times when they have to use their own pocket money to cover some expenses. There are times when they have to walk for 10 hours to reach-out the Orang Asli Community deep in the jungle. The hardship that they undergo strengthens their voluntary spirit and commitment to make their projects a success.
The University provides them with some form of merits to appreciate their efforts:
1. Co-curricular Activity Cumulative Points (CACP)
Community service is part of extra-curricular activities that entitles students to receive the Co-curricular Activity Cumulative Points (CACP). Depending on the level of participation, as a committee or as ordinary participation, Students are given certain points every time they participate in community service. Points are also given depending on the post that they hold in the club. These points are accumulated throughout their study in IIUM. Upon graduation they will receive the co-curricular transcript with details on their activities.
2. Certificates
CENSERVE provides certificates for the students to appreciate their commitment and efforts.
  • Bronze Certificate
  • Silver Certificate
  • Gold Certificate
3. Awards
Every year CENSERVE conducts appreciation ceremony called Humanitarian Night for its volunteers. We present awards to. We also give away awards as follows:
  • Heart of GoldCertificate (Award for the unsung heroes who show outstanding commitment in community service and humanitarian work during their study in IIUM)
  • Best Club of the Year
  • Best Programme of the Year