Staff Registration

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Assalamua'laikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,

Dear all staff,

In conjuction with the Knowledge and Virtue Camp, the Centre for University Social Responsibility (CENSREVE) is happy to invite you to enrich IIUM's volunteering culture by participating in community service activities. Let's do some voluntary work as our social responsibility.

The corporate people call it CSR (corporate  social responsibility),  we call it USR ( University social resonsibility). Both have the same meaning :

CENSERVE is entrusted to strengthen the culture of volunteerism among staff and students. The students have done their part by organizing various community service projects. These projects have been successful to help not only the surrounding community but they have managed to reach-out the underprivileged throughout the nation and overseas.

Their successful stories have engraved the University's name in the hearts of the society.

Let's extend these success stories through joint efforts among staff and create more USR activities actualizing the IIUM's concept of Garden of Knowledge and Virtue.

You can create your own project or join us in any of the existing projects organized by CENSERVE:

1.     Mentoring Orphans

2.     Mentoring School Children

3.     Outreach To Orang Asli

4.     Helping the Blinds

5.     Outreach to Rural Community

6.     Outreach to Rohingya Refugees

7.     Outreach to Teenagers

8.     Outreach to Hospital

9.     Save Energy

10.    RESILIA

11.    International Humanitarian


You can join us in our upcoming events or organize your own programmes.  Ideas of community service  activities are available at here

Your participation in any community service will be officially recorded.