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1. How much is the fees for student pass and visa?
a) Student pass - RM 60.00 a year or part of a year
b) Visa / Re-entry pass - According to country ( not exceeding RM 100.00 )

2. When do I have to submit my passport for renewal of the student pass ?
Students are advised to renew their student pass one ( 1 ) month before the expiry date.

3. How if I want to bring my family to accompany me during my studies?
Apply for approval letter from immigration department at International Affairs Division. Required document are :-

a) Copy of passport - student and family
b) Student's offer letter / certification letter
c) Copy of marriage certificate ( if you want to bring your spouse )
d) Students birth certificate ( if you want to bring your parent )
e) Child birth certificate ( if you want to bring your children )

After you received approval letter from immigration department, you have to send the original copy of the letter to your family to obtain the visa at the nearest Malaysian embassy / consulate / high commission for immigration clearance. The visit pass will be issued to your family after their arrival in Malaysia.