Facts and Information About Research

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Valourising Research, Innovation and Creativity in Educating and Serving Humanity

The International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) supports innovative and beneficial research through the Research Management Centre (RMC). As the University is moving towards obtaining a ‘Research University’ status it is imperative that a high percentage of its teaching community is involved in research and consultancy activities.

In the past years, IIUM researchers and their innovations have competed with the best in the world and have achieved many medals and prizes nationally and internationally. IIUM is indeed proud of obtaining a globally competitive research culture. The University continues to churn out more and more dedicated and inventive researchers who produce research innovations as a contribution to humanity. Indeed, the University has experts in numerous fields such as engineering, architecture, health sciences, information technology, Islamic philosophy, Islamic finance, and many other fields.

The purpose of research is to find a solution to a particular type of problem or to generate ideas as how to work towards the solution of a problem. Therefore, innovative research can contribute to solving problems, and create new opportunities and dimensions in knowledge generation and wealth creation for societal well-being. In nurturing a creative and conducive environment for research, IIUM will hopefully be at the forefront in terms of research, development, innovation, commercialization and entrepreneurship.

As a university, IIUM is responsible in the dissemination of knowledge, and industrial collaborations can further enhance our ability to do so. University-based technology transfer, commercialization, and university-industry collaborations are all powerful innovation processes for academic institutions to disseminate knowledge. Therefore, IIUM encourages innovative and collaborative research as it will provide the motivation and stimulus to encourage IIUM researchers to be more dynamic and strive to be at the forefront of research and innovation in tomorrow’s world.