General Rules

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All users are expected to act in accordance with the followings:
  1. IIUM Sports and Recreational staff are the only authorised personnel (`the management’) to approve all bookings and programme at and within the vicinity of the Sports Complex;
  2. The Female Sports Complex is exclusively for IIUM female students and staff only. However, permission will be granted to IIUM varsity team official training conducted at the Female Sports Complex;
  3. The Sports Complex is reserved for the usage of IIUM students, staff, IIUM Varsity teams and clubs under the Sports Development Centre.  Users must be prepared to present their ID/Matric card if asked when necessary by the management;
  4. To make prior reservation at least two (2) days before the date of     event. Borrowing of equipment and approval must be obtained from the SnRC;
  5. Users are expected to behave in a manner that will not distract others from enjoying and from using the facilities. Any demonstrators of dissent, which lead to interference with the freedom of others to the use of the facilities, shall not be tolerated.  The destruction of IIUM property and/or obstruction of sports complex activities are strictly prohibited;
  6. Users are expected to adhere to the guidelines and procedures approved for activity designed for the various venues throughout the Sports Complex;
  7. To park vehicle at the designated area only;
  8. To wear proper attire in accordance to the University’s Dress Code;
  9. To wear proper footwear in the game area. Marking sole are strictly prohibited;
  10. No bicycles, skateboards or rollerblades are allowed on the field or running track;
  11. To observe and maintain the cleanliness of the Sports Complex;
  12. To obtain permission from the centre before pasting any posters/banners/pamphlets or advertisement on the notice boards;
  13. To keep personal and valuable belongings in a safe place.  Lost and found items are stored in the equipment room for fourteen days.  Any items un claimed by that time will be either discarded or given to charity.  Items of significant value are turned over to the security office. Items can be claimed by their owner upon presentation of personal identification and correct description of the missing item; 
  14. Smoking and consuming alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited in all areas of the Sports Complex;
  15. Pets are not permitted in the Sports Complex area;
  16. Any accident/injury/incident should be reported to the Management of Sports Development Centre;
  17. Open-air radios/stereo/audios, other than personal listening devices, unless approved by the management in a specific area, are     prohibited.  Build-in audio system/speakers are only to be operated by the Sports Development Centre staff:
  18. Children under the age of fifteen (15) must be directly supervised by parents/guardians at all times; 
  19. To immediately stop all activities during thunderstorms or heavy rain especially in the outdoor courts/playing field; and
  20. The Sports Development Centre will not be liable for any accidents, death or injury and for any loss of belongings;