Mohamed Ridza Wahiddin

  • IIUM Gombak Campus
  • mridza@iium.edu.my
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Staff Detail

  • Diploma in Islamic Studies - Diploma, International Islamic University Malaysia
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Theoretical Physics - Doctor of Philosophy, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST)
  • Masters of Science (Theorical Physics) - Masters Degree, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST)
  • Bachelor of Science (Physics) - Bachelor Degree, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST)
  • Natural Science ~ Mathematical Sciences ~ Mathematics and Statistics for ICT and Industries ~ Other Mathematics and Statistics for ICT and Industries n.e.c. - Mathematical Modeling
  • Natural Science ~ Physical Sciences ~ Acoustics and Optical Physics ~ Optics, Non-Linear Optics and Quantum Optics -
  • ICT ~ Information, Computer And Communications Technology (ICT) ~ Security System ~ Cryptography - Quantum Optics, Quantum Information, Information Security, Mathematical Modeling, Human Behavior
  • ICT ~ Information, Computer And Communications Technology (ICT) ~ Artificial Intelligence ~ Other Artificial Intelligence n.e.c. - Human Computer Interfacing
  • 2008 - 2013 , Natural Sciences Publishing Corporation
CALCULUS II 2011/2012 2012/2013 2013/2014 2014/2015 2015/2016 2016/2017
FINAL YEAR PROJECT 2014/2015 2015/2016
HALAQAH 1 (BROTHERS) 2002/2003
HALAQAH 1 (SISTER) 2003/2004
HALAQAH 2 (BROTHER) 2002/2003
MATHEMATICAL METHODS 2003/2004 2004/2005
In Progress
2017 - Present A New Cost-Effective Low-Hop Distance Hierarchical Interconnection Network for Massively Parallel Computer System
2017 - Present Quantum theory of a non-degenerate parametric amplifier beyond Rotating Wave Approximation
2016 - Present Cybersecurity Capability Maturity Model based on Maqasid al Shari?ah (MS-C2M2)
2015 - Present Secret Key Infusion for Internet of Things
2008 - Present Intelligent Cyberspace Security
2015 - 2017 Secret Key Infusion for Internet of Things
2013 - 2013 Analisa dan Kajian Analisa Berhubung Cadangan Pelan Strategik 5 Tahun Kementerian Dalam Negeri (KDN) 2004-2018
2012 - 2015 A New Spatial Domain Watermarking Technique Based On Multiple Intermediate Significant Bits
2011 - 2015 Systemic Human Behaviour Security: Deception Detection, Privacy & Secure Communications
2011 - 2014 Modeling Illegal Immigrants Behaviour in Malaysia Via Scale Free Network
2011 - 2013 RU 2011: Block Ciphers: Analysis and Design
2009 - 2013 Nonlinear Waves in Bose-Einstein Condensates & Optical Waveguide Systems with Higher Order Nonlinearity
2009 - 2011 Free-Space Optic (FSO) Links for Quantum Key Distribution (QKD)
2008 - 2011 Realization of Quantum Decoy States for Information Security
2007 - 2017 IIUM - MIMOS Cyberspace Security Lab
2006 - 2012 Free Space Quantum Key Distribution: Implementation and Security Analysis
2006 - 2007 Fuzzy correlation Inequalities for Ferromagnetic System
06 December 2011 2011 ASEAN Chief Security Officer . International Data Group - International level.
28 October 2010 Kesatria Mangku Negara. Federal Government - Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di-Pertuan Agong - National level.
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2017 Robustness of dengue complex network under targeted versus random attack. Complexity , 2017 pp.1-12
2017 Two-mode network modeling and analysis of dengue epidemic behaviour in Gombak, Malaysia. Applied Mathematical Modelling , 43 pp.207-220
2017 The probe attack on the Bennett-Brassard 1984 protocol in the presences of noisy amplitude damping channel. Springer pp.1-12
2017 Quantum phase fluctuations of coherent and thermal light coupled to a non-degenerate parametric oscillator beyond rotating wave approximation. Optics Communications , 398 pp.1-11
2016 Towards using CMU sphinx tools for the Holy Quran recitation verification. International Journal on Islamic Applications in Computer Science And Technology (IJASAT) , 4 (2) pp.10-15
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2016 The importance of building a conscience in business actions. APACCIOOutlook , 2 (1) pp.45-46
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Conference or Workshop Item

2018 Towards an accurate speaker-independent Holy Quran acoustic model. In: 4th IEEE International Conference on Engineering Technologies and Applied Sciences, ICETAS 2017
2017 Testing Sphinx’s language model fault-tolerance for the Holy Quran. In: 6th International Conference on Information and Communication Technology for the Muslim World (ICT4M 2016)
2017 Message from Deputy Rector (Research & Innovation). In: 6th International Conference on Information and Communication Technology for the Muslim World, ICT4M 2016
2017 Quality of polarization entanglement in spontaneous parametric down conversion. In: International Conference on Applied Photonics and Electronics 2017 (InCAPE2017)
2016 Logico-linguistic semantic representation of documents. In: 2nd International Conference on Big Data Intelligence and Computing (DataCom 2016)
2016 Intellectual assets and knowledge audit as a fundamental step for the "University of the Future" transformation. In: 4th IEEE International Colloquium on Information Science and Technology (CiSt)
2016 Multi-layered alert filtration and feedback cycle using Brahms model. In: 2015 4th International Conference on Advanced Computer Science Applications and Technologies (ACSAT 2015)
2016 Scale free network analysis of a large crowd through their spatio-temporal activities. In: 2015 4th International Conference on Advanced Computer Science Applications and Technologies (ACSAT 2015)
2016 Atomic coupler with two-mode squeezed vacuum states. In: 3rd International Conference on Mathematical Applications in Engineering (ICMAE'14)
2016 Cultivating the Communities of Practice in the Academia. In: KCONNECT 2016
2015 A cybersecurity capability maturity model based on Maqasid Shari’ah(MS-C2M2). In: International Conference on Maqasid Al-Shari'ah in Public Policy and Governance
2015 i-Diary: A crowdsource-based spatio-Temporal multimedia enhanced points of interest authoring tool. In: 2015 ACM Multimedia Conference
2015 Visualization of a scale free network in a smartphone-based multimedia big data environment. In: The First IEEE International Conference on Multimedia Big Data : BigMM 2015
2015 Towards using CMU Sphinx Tools for the Holy Quran recitation verification. In: 3rd International Conference on Islamic Applications in Computer Science and Technologies (IMAN 2015)
2014 Calculus and its applications in scale-free networks . In: 5th International Conference on Information and Communication Technology for The Muslims World (ICT4M 2014)
2014 Towards a mobile and context-aware framework from crowdsourced data. In: 2014 The 5th International Conference on Information and Communication Technology for The Muslim World (ICT4M)
2014 Node status detection and information diffusion in router network using scale-free network. In: 10th International Network Conference, INC 2014
2014 Two-mode complex network modeling of dengue epidemic in Selangor, Malaysis. In: 2014 The 5th International Conference on Information and Communication Technology for The Muslim World (ICT4M)
2013 Generalized quantum rotation gates using STIRAP . In: The 4th International Conference on Information & Communication Technology for the Muslim World (ICT4M)
2012 Interaction of two pulses in defocusing Nonlinear Schrödinger equation. In: International Conference of Application Science & Technology (iCAST2012)
2010 A secure protocol using 6DP for Quantum Authentication and Hash Functions for Key Distribution (KDP-6DP). In: International Conference on Computer and Communication Engineering, ICCCE 2010


2014 Quantum optics for beginners. Pan Stanford Publishing Pte. Ltd. . ISBN 9789814411752

Book Section

2016 A new quantum theory in accordance with Islamic science. In: Islamic perspectives on science and technology: selected conference papers Springer Singapore . ISBN 978-981-287-777-2 , pp.237-255
2013 Strategic planning: steering the ship through changing circumstances. In: IIUM: The Premier Global Islamic University IIUM Press . ISBN 9789674182700 , pp.63-77
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