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Research Interest

  • MEMS Actuated Mesoscale (order of centimeter) Active compliant Mechanism for Executing Motion in 3D Space.
  • Multi-agent Robotic System.
  • Virtual 3D Environment Building System.
  • Snake Robots.
  • Automatic Car Parking System.
  • Mechatronic Walking Support System for Visually Impaired People.
  • Real Time Path Planning for Legged Navigation via Stochastic Modelling.
  • Decision-theoritic Planning for Human-Robot Interaction via Partially Observable Markov Decision Process (POMDP).
  • Investigation of Cooperative Characteristics of Two Humans in lifting an Object and its Application to Control of a Cooperative Robot.
  • Real-time affect detection for adaptive control of Robot-Assisted Rehabilitation.
  • The Development of Cognitive Humanoid Head.
  • Feature Based Navigation and Sector Based Localisation Autonomous Mobile Robot.
  • Development of an Effective Snake Motion Algorithm.
  • Humanoid Hand.
  • Humanoid Head.















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