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Autonomous Systems and Robotics Research Unit has been set up to carry research in the area of agent based systems. The autonomous agent is a system that is capable of flexible autonomous action in dynamic and unpredictable domain. Autonomous agent research involves many fields including robotics, machine learning, reasoning, data-mining, diagnosis, communication, real-time and control system. The area of research carries a strong potential for significant impacts in many industrial and service applications. Current projects include the developments of humanoid system, cooperative robots, intelligent robotic system and robotic standardized test beds.




ASRRU is committed to be a leading research group in the university level that pioneers innovation in the constructin of knowledge to achieve the aspitation of producing a society of dynamic, learned and civic leadership.



  • To be a foremost group for research and developments in the area of autonomous robotics.
  • To encourage the autonomous robotic technologies in Malaysian industries.

  • To work jointly with industries to develop environmental friendly product.
  • To help human society and local industries to obtain advanced technology.





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