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What is ISP?

ISP is one of the IIUM initiatives to support the mental health needs of IIUM community It upholds the concept of ‘ or wellbeing and aimed in increasing the awareness on mental health as well as promoting the good wellbeing and spiritual dimensions of individuals by initiating a screening that work as early detection of related mental health symptoms The work is determined by the Counseling and Career Services Centre’s passion, commitment and profession to promote mental health as a critical part of our wellness, including

• Preventive measure IIUM community
• Early identification for those who are at risk
• Collaborative supports and services for those who need it
• With the ultimate purpose of recovery


Why ISP?

ISP is a set of screening tool that comprises of 3 proposed dimensions that is believed to be indicators for one’s psychological conditions It consists of items with pictures that attempt to assess the “psychological aspect” of IIUM students and staff in relation to three dimensions namely integrated mind (I mind), coping, and propensity towards spirituality.

In reaching to a balanced condition, it is believed that one is perceived to be psychologically well, able to cope with life difficulties and attain appropriate levels of spiritual actions and believes stemming from experiences, formed knowledge and skill set. 

It takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete all questions The screening is integrated into web based apps with the hope that it could be easily assessed by IIUM community and quick in getting into assessments and result


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