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Husna Bt Fauzi

Academic Qualification

  • Doctof of Philosophy (Law and Society) - Doctor of Philosophy, Universiti Malaya (UM)
  • Master of Comparative Laws - Masters Degree, International Islamic University Malaysia
  • Bachelor of Laws - Bachelor Degree, International Islamic University Malaysia

Husna Bt Fauzi (Dr.)

Assistant Professor
IIUM Gombak Campus


Expert Profile

Husna Fauzi, an Assistant Professor at the Department of Islamic Law, Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws, joined the department in 1992. She completed her LL.B in 1992, and Master of Comparative Laws in 1993 both at IIUM. In 2011, she obtained her Ph.D from University of Malaya. Her research interests are Human Rights Issues, Rights of the Elderly, Persons with Disabilities Rights and Malaysian Legal System.
She has been appointed as AIKOL's academic advisor effective from 1 July 2013- 31 December 2016. She was a member of the panel that drafted the National Policy for Older Persons, organized by the Ministry of Health, 26 February - 1 March 2007

Area of Specialisation

  • Social Science ~ Social Science ~ Political Sciences and Public Policy ~ Islamic Political System
  • Social Science ~ Social Science ~ Law ~ Human Rights
  • Economics, Business And Management ~ Economics, Business And Management ~ Management ~ Health Management - Health And Ageing

Teaching Responsibilities

CRIMINAL LAW 1993/1994
CRIMINAL LAW I 1995/1996 1994/1995
FAMILY LAW 2018/2019
FAMILY LAW I 2017/2018 2004/2005 2003/2004 2002/2003 2001/2002 2000/2001 1999/2000 1998/1999 1996/1997 1995/1996
FAMILY LAW II 1998/1999 1997/1998 1996/1997 1995/1996
ISLAMIC CONSTITUTIONAL LAW 2021/2022 2020/2021 2019/2020
ISLAMIC LEGAL SYSTEM 2023/2024 2022/2023 2021/2022 2020/2021 2019/2020 2018/2019
ISLAMIC LEGAL SYSTEM I 2016/2017 2011/2012 2010/2011
ISLAMIC LEGAL SYSTEM II 2019/2020 2017/2018 2016/2017 2015/2016 2014/2015 2013/2014 2012/2013 2011/2012 2010/2011 2009/2010 2004/2005 2003/2004 2002/2003 2001/2002 2000/2001 1999/2000 1998/1999
LAW AND SOCIETY I 1997/1998 1996/1997 1995/1996 1994/1995
LAW AND SOCIETY II 1997/1998 1996/1997 1995/1996 1994/1995 1993/1994
LEGAL METHOD 2023/2024 2022/2023 2021/2022 2020/2021 2019/2020
SISTEM UNDANG-UNDANG MALAYSIA 2022/2023 2020/2021 2018/2019 2017/2018 2016/2017 2014/2015


The Legal Study On Interfaith Marriage In Bangladesh : Issues And Prospects For Reform .
Ph.D Completed 2021 Main Supervisor
Human Rights Approach To Disability Within The Malaysian Legal, Policy And Institutional Frameworks.
Ph.D Completed 2018 Co-supervisor
Migrant Workers’ Rights To Social Security In Malaysia: A Reform Oriented Analysis.
Ph.D Completed 2017 Co-supervisor
The Rights Of Elderly In Institutional Care In Malaysia: Analyzing The Law And Policy.
Ph.D In Progress Main Supervisor
Examining The Adequacy Of Constitutional And Legal Protections Of Right To Health In Malaysia Under World Health Organisation (Who) Framework Convention On Tobacco Control (Fctc) .
Ph.D In Progress Co-supervisor

Research Projects

2015 - 2019 Establishment of Fundamental Institutional Framework through Innovation of Law and Policy relating to the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (PWD) in Malaysia
2011 - 2014 Promoting and Protecting the Rights of the Elderly in Malaysia: Guidance from the International Human Rights Law and Experience from other Countries (RU 2011)
- 2022 Strengthening Environmental Law towards Public Health Protection Post COVID-19
2021 - Present The Foundation of Human Rights in Islam
- Smoke-Free Zone Law: Knowledge and Attitude Regarding Tobacco-Free Campus Policy Among IIUM Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws (AIKOL) Staff and Undergraduate Students.



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Conference or Workshop Item

2016 Enhancing the protection of Human Rights of Persons with Disabilities: how is Malaysia progressing. In: PASAK 2016,
2013 Mapping the development of social welfare in Malaysia: Past and present . In: Joint Conference on Law & Society, Commercial Law and Islamic Finance 2013,

2021 Family Law in Malaysia and beyond: towards sustainable family institutions. Jabatan Kehakiman Syariah Malaysia, ISBN: 978-967-0870-87-8
Book Section

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