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Norillah Binti Abdullah

Academic Qualification

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Education (Teaching Thinking) - Doctor of Philosophy, International Islamic University Malaysia
  • Master of Arts Counselling Psychology - Masters Degree, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)
  • Bachelor of Human Sciences in Psychology - Bachelor Degree, International Islamic University Malaysia

Norillah Binti Abdullah (Dr.)

Assistant Professor
IIUM Gombak Campus


Expert Profile

Norillah bt Abdullah obtained her Bachelor's degree in Psychology from IIUM. Then, she completed her Master's degree in Counselling Psychology from UKM after which she earned her Ph.D from IIUM in Education specializing in Teaching Thinking.
She has been teaching Creative and Critical Thinking for the last 10 years as a requirement subject to undergraduate students from the Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge in IIUM.
While doing her Ph.D, she was trained in Philosophy for Children in New Jersey, USA as one of the teaching thinking approaches. She and her team applied this approach among IIUM and school students throughout Malaysia. The positive feedback and responses received from students and teachers encouraged her to continue using it in Thinking programmes and workshops in schools and university.
She has been involved as a facilitator, coach, trainer and speaker for school teachers and students and also lecturers of IIUM of different Kulliyyahs. She developed various modules and lesson plans for Thinking programme and workshops in IIUM and various schools in Malaysia.
Presently, she is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Fundamental and Inter-Disciplinary Studies (FIDS), Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences (KIRKHS).

Area of Specialisation

  • Social Science ~ Social Science ~ Advancement of Social Sciences Knowledge ~ Family Functionings (Including Dysfunction Issues and Problems) - Psychology, Counselling, Education (Teaching Thinking, Creative & Critical Thinking)

Teaching Responsibilities

CREATIVE THINKING & PROBLEM SOLVING 2020/2021 2019/2020 2018/2019 2017/2018 2016/2017 2015/2016 2014/2015 2013/2014 2012/2013 2011/2012
CREATIVE THINKING AND PROBLEM SOLVING 2021/2022 2020/2021 2019/2020 2018/2019
ISLAM, KNOWLEDGE & CIVILIZATION 2017/2018 2015/2016 2014/2015 2013/2014
THE ISLAMIC WORLDVIEW 2019/2020 2017/2018 2016/2017 2015/2016
THE ISLAMIC WORLDVIEW, KNOWLEDGE AND CIVILIZATION 2021/2022 2020/2021 2019/2020 2018/2019 2017/2018

Research Projects

2016 - 2020 Modelling Concept in Child Education: Theories of Bandura vs Abdullah Nasih Ulwan
2013 - 2015 Adolescents' Beliefs and Behaviour in Mobile Technology Use and Its Implications on Educational and Social Issues : A Cross Cultural Study
2013 - 2016 Community of Inquiry - A New Inquiry-Based Pedagogy for Realizing the Aspiration of Critical Thinking in the New Blueprint for Education 2013-2025
2010 - 2013 Comparative Analysis Between Bloom's and Malik Badri's Taxonomies of Thinking Process



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Conference or Workshop Item

2014 Bloom taxonomy revisited: analysis from western and Islamic perspectives. In: 2nd International Conference on Creativity and Innovation for Sustainable Development (IICI 2014),
2011 ‘Doing Philosophy’ as an approach to enhance thinking skills among undergraduate students. In: 15th International Council of Philosophical Inquiry with Children (ICPIC) Conference,
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Book Section

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