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Khairul Azhar Bin Jaafar

Academic Qualification

  • Master of Medicine (Internal Medicine) - Masters Degree (Clinical Specialist), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)
  • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery - Bachelor Degree, Universiti Malaya (UM)

Khairul Azhar Bin Jaafar (Assoc. Prof. Dr.)

Associate Professor
IIUM Kuantan Campus


Expert Profile

Khairul Azhar bin Jaafar obtained his MBBS in 1997 from University of Malaya, completed his postgraduate training (Master in Medicine, Internal Medicine) in 2004 from National University of Malaysia and subsequently, pursued his subspecialty training in the field of gastroenterology and hepatology in various hospitals such as Selayang Hospital, Hospital UKM, Hospital Raja Perempuan Zainab, Kota Bharu and Singapore General Hospital . He completed training in 2010.
He won the Promising Researcher Award (Kulliyah level) in 2008 and has presented papers at medical conferences locally and overseas including Singapore, Korea, UAE and New Zealand.
He is a lifetime member for the Malaysian Society of Gastroenterology and Hepatology (MSGH), Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) and East Coast GastroHepatology Club (ECGHC)
Presently Dr Khairul Azhar bin Jaafar is a medical lecturer and practising clinician at the Department of Internal Medicine at the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), Kuantan, Pahang and Hospital Tengku Ampuan Afzan, Kuantan, Pahang since June 2004. Besides teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students, he is also an examiner for the national Master in Internal Medicine, Malaysia. He was appointed as an Associate Professor in 2009 and inducted to Associate Professor in 2014.

Area of Specialisation

  • Medical And Health ~ Medical And Health Sciences ~ Biomedical Sciences ~ Other Biomedical Sciences n.e.c. - Internal Medicine
  • Medical And Health ~ Medical And Health Sciences ~ Clinical Medicine ~ Gastroenterology - Gastroenterology

Professional Membership

  • 2008 - 2032: Member of Profesional Body / Association, Malaysia Medical Association
  • 2009 - 2032: Member of Profesional Body / Association, Malaysian Society of Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Teaching Responsibilities

General Medicine 2013/2014 2015/2016
INTERNAL MEDICINE I 2010/2011 2020/2021 2013/2014 2014/2015 2015/2016 2012/2013 2019/2020 2016/2017 2018/2019 2011/2012 2017/2018
INTERNAL MEDICINE II 2015/2016 2017/2018 2019/2020 2011/2012 2014/2015 2013/2014 2020/2021 2012/2013 2016/2017 2018/2019 2010/2011

Research Projects

2014 - 2017 The Comparison Between Glasgow Blatchford Score And AIMS65 Score In Predicting Outcome In Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding For Asian Population.
2008 - 2012 Survey of Major Hepatitis C Virus Genotypes amongst Chronic Hepatitis C patients in Pahang, Malaysia
2011 - Present RU 2011 -Therapeutic Endoscopic for acute uoer gastrointestinal bleeding utilizing multiple clip applicator - Aprospective Cohort Study.
2007 - Present A Prospective Study on the Association of Hyperlipidaemia with Ultrasonographically- evident Hepatocellular Steatosis in Hepatitis B and C Patients
2007 - Present A Cross Sectional Study Evaluating the Association between CA19 - 9 Level and HBV DNA Level in Hepatitis B Patients



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2007 Primary hyperparathyroidism with hungry bone syndrome - a case report. International Medical Journal Malaysia, 6 (2) pp.
Conference or Workshop Item

2021 Hiccups: an atypical presentation of lateral medullary syndrome. In: Malaysia Stroke Virtual Conference 2021,
2021 Social support and health-related quality of life among Hepatitis C. In: Asian Pacific Digestive Week,
2020 Health-related quality of life among hepatitis C patients in Pahang State, Malaysia : a cross-sectional study. In: Kuantan Research Day 2020: A National Online Event for E-poster Presentation,
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2010 CA19-9 as a non-invasive marker for disease activity in Hepatitis B patients: is there any role?. In: IIUM Research, Innovation & Invention Exhibition (IRIIE 2010),

2017 AIMS65 score in Kuantan. IIUM Press, International Islamic University Malaysia, ISBN: 978-967-418-714-9