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Malik Arman Bin Morshidi

Academic Qualification

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering - Doctor of Philosophy, University of Warwick
  • Master of Science in Computer System Engineering - Masters Degree, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science - Bachelor Degree, Western Michigan University
  • American Associate Degree in science Majoring in computer Science - Bachelor Degree, MARA Community College

Malik Arman Bin Morshidi (Assoc. Prof. Dr.)

Associate Professor
IIUM Gombak Campus


Other's position:

Deputy Director, Centre for Professional Development

Expert Profile

Dr. Malik Arman Morshidi graduated from Western Michigan University, USA in 1999 with BSc in Computer Science. Upon graduation, he started his career as a Systems Engineer at MacroHard AUM Sdn Bhd. Later, he joined Office Equipment and Communication Sdn Bhd (OEC) in 2000 as a Systems Analyst where he worked directly under the supervision of Software Team, Unit Bisnes Fasiliti, Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), Petaling Jaya. In 2001, he joined Irhamna IT Sdn Bhd (IIT) as a Software Engineer.
During his tenure in both OEC and IIT (both are TNB vendors), he was responsible for developing and managing many software development projects for TNB. He received a Certificate of Excellence from OEC as recommended by Unit Bisnes Fasiliti, TNB for a successful completion of a software project in a short period of time. He joined the academic profession in 2003 as an Assistant Lecturer at International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) in the Faculty of Engineering.
He completed his MSc in Computer Systems Engineering from University Putra Malaysia in 2007 where his project won a silver medal award in Pameran Reka Cipta, Penyelidikan dan Inovasi, UPM 2006 for the invention of Autonomous Mobile Robot for Plant Watering. He contributed to the development of the vision system of the robot where he participated in a Field Robot Event 2006 competition held in Universitat Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany.
His team won the first place for Free Style session. While serving as a lecturer at IIUM, he was appointed as a coach for the team of programmers that represented IIUM at the International Programming Competition held in Beijing, China in November 2005. He completed his Ph.D in Engineering from the University of Warwick, in 2013 where one of his research papers won the Best Paper Award at the International Conference on Smart Sensors and Application 2015. During his Ph.D study, he was a co-researcher in a project with Jaguar Land Rover Coventry, UK for an onboard pedestrian detection and terrain detection. He is now an Assistant Professor at IIUM.

Area of Specialisation

  • Engineering Tech ~ Engineering And Technology ~ Interdisplinary Engineering ~ Other Interdisplinary Engineering n.e.c. - Engineering

Professional Membership

  • 2015: Member of Profesional Body / Association: (Member), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

Teaching Responsibilities


Research Projects

2019 - 2021 Trip Health Mobile Apps
2019 - 2023 IoT-Blockchain based Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) trading platform for autonomic digital marketplace
2018 - 2022 A Novel Pose Estimation Algorithm for Mobile AR via Inertial Sensing and Conditional Density Propagation
2016 - 2017 An Effective Hybrid Human Gait Recognition System Combining Independent Component Analysis and Total Silhouette Computation
2015 - 2019 The Investigation on Arabic Word Pose Estimation Algorithm as Marker for Augmented Reality Application
2023 - Present Knowledge Transfer and Fostering Women Empowerment in Fashion Design Industry: Leveraging Digital Media Platforms for AI-Driven Entrepreneurship in Banting Selangor
2023 - Present Development of Comprehensive Training Modules on Practical Deep Learning and Autonomous Robotics
2022 - Present "CXSense System For SURAYA Unmanned Surface Vessel Fleet"
2022 - Present Online Carbon Offset Monitoring Platform Powered by IOT Blockchain
2020 - Present Industry@University: 4IR Competence Centre
2019 - Present Artificial Intelligence aided algorithm to improve the detection of severity of curve in scoliotic spine
2019 - Present IoT-Blockchain based Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) trading platform for autonomic digital marketplace



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2014 Gravity optimised particle filter for hand tracking. Pattern Recognition Letters, 47 (1) pp. 194-207
Conference or Workshop Item

2021 A Comparative Analysis of Feature Extraction Algorithms for Augmented Reality Applications. In: 2021 IEEE 7th International Conference on Smart Instrumentation, Measurement and Applications,
2021 Design of a Speech Anger Recognition System on Arduino NANO 33 BLE Sense. In: 2021 IEEE 7th International Conference on Smart Instrumentation, Measurement and Applications,
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Book Section

2020 IIUM Roboteam from International Islamic University Malaysia. In: IIUM Press, International Islamic University Malaysia, ISBN: 9789674910549, pp. 82-91