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Mohd Arifin Bin Kaderi

Academic Qualification

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Clinical Genetics) - Doctor of Philosophy, Uppsala University, Sweden
  • Science (Chemical Pathology) - Masters Degree, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)
  • Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences - Bachelor Degree, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)

Mohd Arifin Bin Kaderi (Assoc. Prof. Dr.)

Associate Professor
IIUM Kuantan Campus


Other's position:

Head, Office of the Campus Director, Kuantan Campus

Expert Profile

Mohd. Arifin bin Kaderi obtained his Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Sciences (Hon) from University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) and MSc in Chemical Pathology from University Science Malaysia (USM). He was a recipient of the Malaysian National Science Fellowship Award while working on his MSc research. He joined IIUM as an Assistant Lecturer upon completion of his MSc and was funded by the university and the Ministry of Higher Education to pursue his Ph.D. He obtained his Ph.D degree in Clinical Genetics from Uppsala University, Sweden in 2010.
Upon completion of his Ph.D he returned to his service as Assistant Professor at IIUM and was appointed as Deputy Dean (Postgraduate and Research) at the Kulliyyah of Allied Health Sciences. He was a recipient of the Promising Researcher Award in 2011 for his outstanding work and publication in chronic lymphocytic leukemia.
He was appointed by the World-Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer (WHO-IARC) as a postdoctoral fellow from 2012 to 2014 to work on the genetic cancer susceptibility of nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) and head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC). He conducted his research work at the WHO-IARC headquarters in Lyon, France.
Dr. Arifin resumed his duty at IIUM in 2014 as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Biomedical Sciences, in addition to being the Head of Research at the Kulliyyah of Allied Health Sciences since September 2014.

Area of Specialisation

  • Medical And Health ~ Medical And Health Sciences ~ Clinical Medicine ~ Medical Genetics - Clinical Genetics
  • Medical And Health ~ Medical And Health Sciences ~ Immunology ~ Immunogenetics - Immunogenetics
  • Biotechnology ~ Biotechnology ~ Molecular Biology ~ Other Molecular Biology n.e.c. - Molecular Haematology

Research Projects

2020 - 2023 The influence of music on the psychological well-being of communities in a public university
2018 - 2021 Elucidation of Candida albicans candidalysin mechanism in polymicrobial biofilms with Actinomyces naeslundii and Streptococcus mutans using flow cell model
2015 - 2019 Circulating microRNA Expression in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma: Towards Understanding of its Role in Oncogenesis and Tumor Progression.
2015 - 2023 Upscale Production of the High Antioxidant Jelly Prepared from Baccaurea Angulata Fruit Enrich with Trigona Bee Honey for Head and Neck Patients
2014 - 2017 Epidemiology and Sample Collection of Nano pharyngeal Carcinoma in the East Coastal Region of Peninsular Malaysia: A Pilot Study
2014 - 2018 Identification of Specific Mirna Expression of Cryptosporidium in HCT-8 Cell and its Pathway as Fundamental Role in Pathogenesis Mechanisms
2012 - 2014 Cellular and Molecular Response of Adipocyte Cells Treated with Mangostins for Glucose Lowering Activity Purpose
2011 - 2014 RU 2011 -In vitro anticancel activityof underutilized Melastoma malabathricum L (senduduk) on several cancer cell lines.
2011 - 2014 Biochemical Characterization for Matrix Metalloproteinases (Collagenases) Regulation via Novel CTCF/YB-1 Protein Interaction for Potential Targeted Therapy of Human Cancers
2011 - 2013 RU 2011 - Genetic screening of the Common GJB2 (Connexin26) 35DELG Mutation in Non-Syndromic Hearing Loss Patient at IIUM Hearing and Speech Clinic.
2023 - Present Training of Trainer (TOT) on the Responsible Conduct of Toxin and Venom Research: The Role Biosafety, Biosecurity and Cyberbiosecurity
2023 - Present Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) Assessments on COVID- 19 Transmission Knowledge and Preventive Actions among Operators of International Attraction Ecotourism Areas in Rural Pahang State, Malaysia.
2023 - Present Sustainable EcoTourism Practices in Kampung Kuala Sat, Jerantut, Pahang: Community-based Awareness, Prevention and Response on Zoonotic Leptospirosis and Melioidosis Diseases
2022 - Present Proteomic and Genetic Role of APOL2 in the Development of Obesity in Schizophrenia Patients
2019 - Present Specific microRNAs among milk siblings: An epigenetics approach towards understanding the basis of milk kinship
2018 - Present Mechanisms of action of phenolic compounds from Anacardium occidentale in stimulating glucose uptake via regulation of GLUT 4 and its related microRNAs in 3T3-L1 Adipocyte Cells
2016 - Present Molecular dynamics of tumor microRNAs in nasopharyngeal carcinoma: Improving the understanding on the role of circulating microRNAs
2016 - Present The role of Tumour Necrosis Factor-Related Apoptosis Inducing Ligand (TRAIL) on Collagen and microRNA Expression in Human Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells (VSMCs)
2015 - Present Identifying the DNA Methylation Differences in Cell-free Fetal DNA: An Approach towards Non-invasive Prenatal Diagnosis of Trisomy 21 in Malaysia
2015 - Present Differential Expression and Pathway Analysis of miR-744 AND Mir-101 in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
2014 - Present 1212
2014 - Present 123
2010 - Present Collection of Biological Materials and DNA Extraction from Boarding School Students for Further Analysis on Genetic Susceptibility Markers of Adolescent Obesity
2010 - Present Nutritional Status, Physical Activity and Food Intake Assessment of Boarding School Students in Malaysia

Award & Recognition

01 Aug, 2018 South East Asian One Health University Network Award - South East Asian One Health University Network International
17 Nov, 2015 Marie Curie Fellowship - Marie Skadowska-Curie Action Plan, European Commission International
15 Aug, 2015 Department Best Indexed Journal Article Award - International Islamic University Malaysia National
18 Aug, 2012 IARC Postdoctoral Fellow - International Agency for Research on Cancer International
24 May, 2011 Promising Researcher Award - International Islamic University Malaysia University
11 Mar, 2011 IIUM Promising Researcher Award - International Islamic University Malaysia National
08 Dec, 2009 American Society of Hematology Travel Award - American Society of Hematology International
26 Nov, 2004 Outstanding Poster Award - Federation of Asian and Oceanian Biochemistry and Molecular Biology International
15 Oct, 2000 National Science Fellowship Award - Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation National



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Conference or Workshop Item

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Book Section

2014 Applications of cultured cells in genetic engineering: an Islamic perspective. In: IIUM Press, ISBN: 978-967-418-269-4, pp. 143-152

2019 Identifying the DNA methylation differences in cell-free fetal DNA: an approach towards non-invasive prenatal diagnosis of trisomy 21 in Malaysia. In: ,