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Raini Binti Hassan

Academic Qualification

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Computer Science) - Doctor of Philosophy, International Islamic University Malaysia
  • Master of Science in Computer Science - Masters Degree, University of Salford
  • Bachelor of Science with Honours (Information Technology) - Bachelor Degree, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)

Raini Binti Hassan (Dr.)

Assistant Professor
IIUM Gombak Campus


Other's position:

Deputy Director, Centre for Professional Development

Expert Profile

Raini Hassan obtained a First Class Bachelor of Science (Hons) Information Technology degree from MARA University of Technology (UiTM) in November 2000. She worked as a Software Engineer in Maxis Mobile Sdn Bhd in the following month for nearly two years before studying for MSc Computer Science in the University of Salford, United Kingdom. She has passed her Ph.D Computer Science viva with minor corrections at the IIUM in January 2016. Her Ph.D thesis is entitled Online Feature Selection Based on Input Significance Analysis (ISA) for Evolving Connectionist System (ECoS). 

Raini Hassan has been working at IIUM since March 2005 and has experiences in teaching Artificial Intelligence, C++ Programming Language, Computer Organization and Architecture, Probability and Statistics, Data Science, Big Data Analytics and Unstructured Data Analytics (master level). She also supervised Industrial Attachment (IA) and Final Year Project (FYP) undergraduate students, and became a main supervisor and supervisory committee member for a few postgraduate students.
Her current research interests include Machine Learning, Computational Statistics, Data Science and Analytics, Big Data Analytics, Feature Extraction and Selection, Computational Neuroscience and Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Area of Specialisation

  • ICT ~ Information, Computer And Communications Technology (ICT) ~ Artificial Intelligence ~ Predictive Analytics - Teach and ongoing research on Data Science and Big Data Analytics
  • ICT ~ Information, Computer And Communications Technology (ICT) ~ Artificial Intelligence ~ Neural, Evolutionary and Fuzzy Computation - Ongoing research on connectionist systems such as Evolving Connectionist Systems (ECoSs)
  • ICT ~ Information, Computer And Communications Technology (ICT) ~ Artificial Intelligence ~ Machine Learning - Ongoing research on Neuro-Computing, EEG and ERP

Teaching Responsibilities


Research Projects

2020 - 2022 MRI Medical Images Detection and Classification of Brain Tumor Based on Deep Learning Techniques
2017 - 2017 Development of Teaching Modules on the Subject of Computer Science Form 5 for MDeC and MOE
2016 - 2018 Analysis of ZUC Cipher in Mobile Communication
2015 - 2019 An Online Computational Modeling for EcoS Feature Selection in Traffic Volumes Prediction
2013 - 2016 Visualization of Emotional Dynamic on Brain Topology using Neural Inspired Computational Model
2007 - 2011 ICT Workforce and Employability Trends: The Perspective of Employers in Malaysia
2021 - Present A Model for Skyline Queries Over Knowledge Large-Scale Uncertain and Incomplete Graphs
2020 - Present Car Drivers' Mental Fatigue Neuro-physiological Profiling Model
2019 - Present A Framework for the Detection of Intelligent Source Code Plagiarism in Big Data using Word2vec Model
2019 - Present Human Factors Model to Improve Information Visualization Reporting for Big Data Analytics
2016 - Present Development of an Evolving Neuro-Cognitive Computational Model Based on Event-Related Potentials for Healthy Lifestyle Profiling
2014 - Present Multimedia Intervention Model for Children with ADHD using Neurofeedback Therapy