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Bisha Fathamah Binti Uzir

Academic Qualification

  • Ph.D in Cancer Research - Doctor of Philosophy, University of Newcastle
  • Biochemistry - Masters Degree, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)
  • Food Science and Nutrition - Bachelor Degree, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)

Bisha Fathamah Binti Uzir (Dr.)

Assistant Professor
IIUM Kuantan Campus


Expert Profile

Bisha Fathamah binti Uzir obtained his BSc. Food Science & Nutrition (Hon) and MSc (Biochemistry) degrees from National University of Malaysia (UKM) and PhD degree from Newcastle University U.K. in Cancer Research. She had the opportunity working with the Clinical team Oncologist and scientist at Northern Institute of Cancer Research UK in collaboration with Northern Gynaecological Oncology Centre to understand the determinants of response to treatment with pemetrexed in Ovarian Cancer patients. She has 9 years combined experience working as a lecturer, researcher, consultant in area of molecular biology of cancer, drug research and development, clinical pharmacology and pharmaceutical sciences.
Presently Dr Bisha is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Kulliyyah of Pharmacy IIUM.

Area of Specialisation

  • Medical And Health ~ Medical And Health Sciences ~ Pharmacy ~ Other Pharmacy n.e.c.

Teaching Responsibilities

ANTI CANCER CHEMOTHERAPY 2017/2018 2012/2013 2014/2015 2013/2014 2015/2016 2018/2019
HERBAL MEDICINE 2015/2016 2018/2019 2020/2021 2019/2020 2012/2013 2014/2015 2016/2017 2017/2018 2013/2014
IMMUNOLOGY 2012/2013 2018/2019 2019/2020 2016/2017 2017/2018
INTRODUCTION TO BIOMEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCES 2014/2015 2012/2013 2015/2016 2013/2014
ISLAMIC INPUT IN PHARMACY 2018/2019 2015/2016 2017/2018 2013/2014 2016/2017 2014/2015
MEDICAL BIOCHEMISTRY 2019/2020 2012/2013 2016/2017 2018/2019 2013/2014 2015/2016 2017/2018 2014/2015 2020/2021
PHARMACEUTICAL BIOTECHNOLOGY & BIOPHARMACEUTICAL 2016/2017 2015/2016 2014/2015 2020/2021 2013/2014 2017/2018 2018/2019
RESEARCH PROJECT 1 2015/2016 2019/2020 2020/2021
RESEARCH PROJECT-LITERATURE SEARCH 2013/2014 2021/2022 2020/2021 2014/2015 2016/2017 2017/2018 2018/2019 2019/2020 2015/2016

Research Projects

2016 - 2019 Effects of Oil Palm Leaf extract on Hydrogen Peroxide Oxidative Stress in Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells
2014 - 2017 Effect of Standardized Extract of Clinacanthus Nutans in Hiperuricemia Induced Mice
2014 - 2016 Chemical Profilinf of Mommordica Charantia Possessing Alpha-Glucosidase Inhibitory Activity using GC-MS based Metabolomics
2013 - 2016 Anticancer Activity and Mechanism of Actions or Arborinine, and Acridone Alkaloid from Rutaceous Species
2019 - Present Integrated Sexual and Reproductive Health for Adolescents (ISRHeA) Module as a Strategy to Prevent Poor Sexual Health
2019 - Present Identification of alpha-glucosidase inhibitors from Psychotria malayana Jack leaf using multi-platform metabolomics approach and protein-ligand interaction with molecular docking in treating diabetes mellitus
2019 - Present Preparation, characterisation and cytotoxicity assay of damnacanthal-loaded polymeric nanocapsules for breast cancer therapy



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2019 Identification of α-glucosidase inhibitors from Clinacanthus nutans leaf extract using liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry-based metabolomics and protein-ligand interaction with molecular docking. Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis, 9 (2) pp. 91-99
2019 Rapid investigation of α-glucosidase inhibitory activity of Clinacanthus nutans leaf using infrared fingerprinting. Vibrational Spectroscopy, 100 () pp. 22-29
2019 Toxicity study on Clinacanthus nutans leaf hexane fraction using Danio rerio embryos. Toxicology Reports, 6 () pp. 1148-1154
2018 Characterization of α-glucosidase inhibitors from clinacanthus nutans lindau Llaves by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry-based metabolomics and molecular docking simulation. Molecules, 23 (9) pp. 1-21
2017 Characterization of antioxidant activity of Momordica Charantia fruit by infrared-based fingerprinting. Analytical Letters, 50 (12) pp. 1977-1991
2017 Low inhibition of alpha-glucosidase and xanthine oxidase activities of ethanol extract of Momordica charantia fruit. Journal of Pharmaceutical Negative Results, 8 (1) pp. 20-24
2012 Clinicopathological features of homologous recombination deficient epithelial ovarian cancers: sensitivity to PARP inhibitors, platinum and survival. Cancer Research, 72 (22) pp. 5675-5682
Conference or Workshop Item

2020 Internet pornography usage among Malaysian university students: is it a problem?. In: International Conference on Research and Practices in Science, Technology and Social Sciences (I-CReST) 2020,
2017 Bioassays activity and FT-IR analysis of clinacanthus nutans (Burm F.) lindau leaves extracts. In: 2nd International Anatomical and Biomedical Scientific Conference 2017,
2017 Evaluation of antioxidants activity of Momordica charantia using LC-MS metabolomics approach. In: 2nd International Anatomical and Biomedical Scientific Conference 2017,
2016 Arborinine from Glycosmis Pentaphylla (retz.) DC induces apoptosis through activation of Caspase-3/7 in human mammary gland Adenocarcinoma (MCF-7) cell line. In: 2nd ICIP (International Conference on Industrial Pharmacy) 2016,
2016 Identification of antioxidants in Momordica charantia fruit using GC-MS metabolomics approach. In: International Conference on Natural Products 2016 (ICNP 2016),
2016 Islamic approach in managing stress within study on perceived stress score & academic performance in continuous assessment among third year pharmacy students. In: 2nd World Congress on Integration & Islamization: Focus on Medical& Health Care Sciences (2WCII 2016),
2015 Isolation, characterization and cytotoxic activity of arborinine from glycosmis pentaphylla (Retz.) DC. on human mammary gland adenocarcinoma (MCF7) cell line. In: 5th International Conference on Advancement in Science and Technology (iCAST 2015),