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Wan Nor Hayati Binti Wan Abd. Manan

Academic Qualification

  • Clinical Dentistry in Prosthodontics/Athro Mewn Deintyd - Masters Degree (Clinical Specialist), Cardiff University
  • Dental Surgery - Bachelor Degree, Universitas Indonesia
  • - Certificate,

Wan Nor Hayati Binti Wan Abd. Manan (Dr.)

Assistant Professor
IIUM Kuantan Campus


Professional Membership

  • 2014: Member of Profesional Body / Association: (Member), Royal College of Surgeon of Edinburgh

Teaching Responsibilities

Prosthodontics 2023/2024

Research Projects

2015 - 2020 Evaluation of Mechanism of Action of Medium-chain fatty Asid from Virgin Coconut Oil and its Potential Role in Arresting Caries Lesion and Promoting Remineralisation on Dentine and Enamel Tooth Surface
2023 - Present Elucidating the mechanism of Kelulut propolis as an anticandidal, antibiofilm and anti-inflammatory agent using Denture Associated Stomatitis (DAS) model.
2022 - Present Physical and biological modulation of lignocaine-adrenaline nanosuspension gingival retraction cord for pain reduction and haemostatic effects
2022 - Present Evaluation of shear bond strength of self-adhesive resin cement: An in-vitro study

Award & Recognition

24 Nov, 2021 Silver Medal - IIUM Research Day National
09 Jul, 2020 I DO CARE Award - Most Impactful Project - International Islamic University Malaysia University



2021 The efficacy and durability of three desensitising agents for management of hypersensitivity teeth: an in-vitro study. Malaysian Journal of Medicine and Health Sciences, 17 Supp 5 () pp.
Conference or Workshop Item

2018 Remineralization evaluation of cocos nucifera extracts via element quantification. In: International Dental Conference of Sumatera Utara 2017 (IDCSU 2017),
2018 Virgin coconut oil and its antimicrobial properties against pathogenic microorganisms: a review. In: International Dental Conference of Sumatera Utara 2017 (IDCSU 2017),