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Muhammad Salahuddin Bin Haris @ Harith

Academic Qualification

  • Ph.D in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharmaceutical Technology) - Doctor of Philosophy, International Islamic University Malaysia
  • Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences - Masters Degree, University of Copenhagen
  • Bachelor in Pharmacy - Bachelor Degree, International Islamic University Malaysia

Muhammad Salahuddin Bin Haris @ Harith (Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr.)

Associate Professor
IIUM Kuantan Campus


Expert Profile

Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Muhammad Salahuddin bin Haris @ Harith joined Kulliyyah of Pharmacy, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) as an Assistant Lecturer in July 2011. He is currently working as an Associate Professor in the Pharmaceutical Technology Department. He has been the Head of Production Department of IKOP Sdn. Bhd., a GMP pharmaceutical plant, since March 2017. Currently, he is the Editor of the Journal of Pharmacy, an official journal of IIUM Kulliyyah of Pharmacy. He has held the position of Deputy Dean (Academic and Internationalisation), Kulliyyah of Pharmacy, from August 2021 to June 2023. He is also a committee member for the Malaysian Pharmacists Society - Pahang Area Committee from 2023–2025.

He obtained his Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons.) from International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) in 2010 with a scholarship from Yayasan UEM (formerly owned by Pharmaniaga Sdn. Bhd., the largest Malaysian pharmaceutical company). Dr. Salahuddin was awarded as the Best Student for Co-Curricular Activities from IIUM during the 26th IIUM Convocation Ceremony, 2010. In the same year, Pharmaniaga Sdn. Bhd. awarded him as the Best Student for IIUM Kulliyyah of Pharmacy. He completed his 1-year Provisionally Registered Pharmacist (PRP) training at the University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC), Kuala Lumpur. From July 2011 until now, he has been a Registered Pharmacist (RPh.) with the Pharmacy Board Malaysia. He is also a Life Member of the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MMPS). He is also recognised by the Malaysian Board of Technologists as a Professional Technologist in the Manufacturing and Industrial Technology fields.

In 2011, he was awarded a scholarship from the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia, to pursue his Master of Pharmaceutical Science (Drug Development) at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. His thesis focused on the encapsulation of anticholesterol in solid lipid nanoparticles using electrospray. He graduated on time for his master's in 2013. In 2014, he was again awarded a scholarship from the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia, to enroll as a PhD candidate in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharmaceutical Technology) at IIUM. During his PhD, he was trained in developing a pharmaceutical formulation from the R&D stage until product registration.

His current research interests include drug formulation and drug delivery in technologies such as electrospray, electrospinning, and 3D printing. With various collaborations locally and internationally, he was granted several research and community-based grants amounting to more than RM2 million as the principal investigator and co-researcher. He is also active in supervising undergraduates, master students, and PhD candidates in drug formulation and delivery. 

Area of Specialisation

  • Medical And Health ~ Medical And Health Sciences ~ Pharmacy ~ Nanopharmacy
  • Medical And Health ~ Medical And Health Sciences ~ Pharmacy ~ Pharmaceutical Technology - Industrial Pharmacy
  • Medical And Health ~ Medical And Health Sciences ~ Pharmacy ~ Optimum Drug Design - Design of Experiments

Professional Membership

  • 2012 - 2044: Member of Profesional Body / Association: (Life Member), Persatuan Farmasi Malaysia
  • 2019 - 2019: Member of Profesional Body / Association: (Member), International Pharmaceutical Federation
  • 2020 - 2022: Member of Profesional Body / Association: (Young Professional Member), International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering
  • 2021: Member of Profesional Body / Association: (Mendeley Advisor), Mendeley
  • 2021 - 2024: Member of Profesional Body / Association: (Professional Technologist), Malaysian Board of Technologists
  • 2022 - 2023: Member of Profesional Body / Association: (Member), Society of Chemical Industry

Teaching Responsibilities

DOSAGE DESIGN I 2019/2020 2018/2019 2017/2018
DOSAGE DESIGN II 2020/2021 2019/2020 2018/2019
E-COMMERCE 2023/2024 2022/2023
HALAL PHARMACEUTICAL 2023/2024 2022/2023
INDUSTRIAL PHARMACY 2021/2022 2020/2021 2019/2020 2018/2019 2017/2018
INDUSTRIAL TRAINING 2023/2024 2022/2023
ISLAMIC INPUT IN PHARMACY 2023/2024 2022/2023 2018/2019
PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCE 2022/2023 2021/2022 2020/2021 2019/2020
PHARMACEUTICS II : DISPERSE SYSTEMS 2023/2024 2022/2023 2021/2022
PHARMACEUTICS III : SOLIDS AND OTHER DOSAGE FORMS 2023/2024 2022/2023 2021/2022 2020/2021
RESEARCH PROJECT 1 2021/2022 2020/2021 2019/2020 2018/2019
RESEARCH PROJECT 2 2021/2022 2020/2021 2019/2020
RESEARCH PROJECT-LITERATURE SEARCH 2020/2021 2019/2020 2018/2019
STERILIZATION AND ASEPTIC TECHNOLOGY 2019/2020 2018/2019 2017/2018


Formulation And Characterisation Of 3d-Printed Isoniazid Tablet Using Hot-Melt Extrusion And Fused Deposition Modelling.
Master Completed 2023 Main Supervisor
Amphiphilic Polycaprolactone-B-Polyethylene Glycol Star-Shaped Polymers Hydrogel Blend Towards Wound Healing Application.
Master Completed 2022 Co-supervisor
Ascorbic Acid Loaded Plga Nanoparticles Gel As Potential Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Site-Specific Treatment.
Master Completed 2021 Main Supervisor
Dual Compartment 3d Printed Tablet Containing Isoniazid And Pyridoxine: Formulation And Characterisation.
Master In Progress Main Supervisor
Development, Characterisation, Microbial And Stability Studies Of Flaxseed Oil Ointment For Wound Healing.
Master In Progress Main Supervisor
Formulation And Characterisation Of Lignocaine-Adrenaline Nanosuspension Gingival Retraction Cord For Painless And Haemostatic Effects.
Master In Progress Co-supervisor
Optimization Extraction Of Collagen And Calcium From Stichopus Horrens Using Response Surface Methodology (Rsm).
Master In Progress Co-supervisor

Research Projects

2023 - 2023 3 in 1 Lipgloss Serum Project
2021 - 2024 Encapsulation of Malaysian Patin Oil-loaded Alginate Microbeads Prototype for Supporting Children's Growth
2020 - 2023 Pharmacological Evaluation of a novel chloro-containing flavonoid molecule (KR-2001-KW) as an anticancer agent
2020 - 2022 Document Preparation for Performance Qualification of Pharmaceutical Equipment
2019 - 2023 Prototype development of process analytical technology (PAT) continuous production line for Nigella sativa oil (NSO)-alginate microparticles
2019 - 2021 Development, Characterization and Invitro Study of Flax Seed Oil Ointment for Wound Healing
2019 - 2022 Development and characterization of nanofibers patch containing nicotine using electrospinning: a novel approach as nicotine replacement therapy.
2019 - 2022 A novel alternative for higher tablet load of isoniazid and pyridoxine in a single 3D printed tablet for the better compliance among tuberculosis patients.
2018 - 2022 Ascorbic Acid PLGA Nanoparticles Incorporated With Carbopol-Honey Oral Gel Intended To Treat Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma
2018 - 2022 Black Seed Oil Alginate Beads
2018 - 2020 Microencapsulation of royal jelly in alginate beads using electrospray: a quality-by-design (QbD) approach.
2013 - 2017 Fusion Prophetic Medicine (Honey) and Contemporary Medicine (Paracetamol) as a Future Greener Pharmaceutical
2024 - Present Ginger and Black Seed Oil Microencapsulated in Alginate Beads for Massage Application by Spraying Technique
2023 - Present Pragmatic Strategies for the Delivery of Phytodrugs Across Blood Brain Barrier Through Plant Derived Exosomes for the Management of Neuroinflammatory Diseases
2023 - Present Economic Empowerment Project for Single Mothers and Housewives from B40 Families through a Sustainable Community-based Stingless bee Project of Desa Kelulut
2022 - Present Physical and biological modulation of lignocaine-adrenaline nanosuspension gingival retraction cord for pain reduction and haemostatic effects
2022 - Present Synthesis and Computer-Aided Analysis of Novel Chromone-Based KR-1401-KW Derivatives as COX-2/PGE2 Suppressor Against Cancer-prone Chronic Inflammatory Diseases
2022 - Present Knowledge Transfer Project on Good Agricultural Practices of Pesticide-Free Chili Fertigation and Stingless Bee Integrated Farming for the B40 Members of `Persatuan Anak Kuantan Utara (PAKUTA)?
2021 - Present Perspective of Pharmacists and Patients Towards Patient-Centered Mental Health Pharmacy Services
2021 - Present Enhanced Peak Current in Nicotine Detection using Electrochemical-based Screen Printed Electrodes Modified with Chitosan-Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanocomposite
2021 - Present Investigation on the Use of Sarawak Native Plant, Engkala Bark in Neurodegenerative Disease

Award & Recognition

06 Nov, 2023 Silver Medal - Others National
03 Nov, 2023 Wikipedia Award - KOP Appreciation Day 2023 KCDIO
21 Oct, 2023 Gold Medal - Others National
03 Nov, 2022 Silver Medal - Pecipta22 National
21 Oct, 2022 Gold Medal - Others National



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