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Nur Firdaus Binti Isa

Academic Qualification

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Pathology - Doctor of Philosophy, University of Oxford
  • Master of Science (Molecular Nutrition) - Masters Degree, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)

Nur Firdaus Binti Isa (Dr.)

Assistant Professor
IIUM Kuantan Campus


Area of Specialisation

  • Biotechnology ~ Biotechnology ~ Molecular Biology ~ Molecular and Structural Biology - Molecular genetics, microbiology and virology
  • Medical And Health ~ Medical And Health Sciences ~ Health Care System ~ Medical Biotechnology - Molecular Cell Biology in Health and Disease

Professional Membership

  • 2018: Member of Profesional Body / Association: (Graduate Technologist (No. Perakuan GT18080676)), Lembaga Teknologis Malaysia
  • 2018 - 2019: Member of Profesional Body / Association: (Professional Technologist (No. Perakuan PT18070052)), Lembaga Teknologis Malaysia

Teaching Responsibilities

IMMUNOLOGY 2023/2024

Research Projects

No data
2021 - Present Elucidating the molecular interaction of SARS-CoV-2 E protein and its role in cross-species transmission by using amber suppression technology



2022 Amber suppression technology for mapping site-specific viral-host protein interactions in mammalian cells. Bio-protocol, 12 (3) pp.
2021 HSV-1 ICP22 Is a Selective Viral Repressor of Cellular RNA Polymerase II-Mediated Transcription Elongation. Vaccines, 9 (10) pp. 1-18
2017 Association of serum adiponectin levels with metabolic syndrome risk factors in Malay adults. World Nutrition Journal, 1 (1) pp. 17-22
2016 P-TEFb goes viral. Bioessays, 38 () pp. S75-S85
2015 CDK9 inhibitors define elongation checkpoints at both ends of RNA polymerase II-transcribed genes. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, 22 (5) pp. 396-403
2012 Meal patterns of Malaysian adults: Findings from the Malaysian adults nutrition survey (MANS). Malaysian Journal of Nutrition, 18 (2) pp. 221-230
2011 The association between visceral fat and blood pressure in adults. Health and the Environment Journal, 2 (2) pp. 15-22
2011 The prevalence of metabolic syndrome according to various definitions and hypertriglyceridemic-waist in Malaysian adults. International Journal of Preventive Medicine, 2 (4) pp. 229-237
Conference or Workshop Item

2018 Medical biotechnology: prospects in Malaysia. In: International Seminar on Biosciences & Medical Engineering (ISBME) 2018,