Staff Directory

Mohd Azan Bin Mohammed Sapardi

Academic Qualification

  • Ph.D in Engineering - Doctor of Philosophy, Monash University, Melbourne
  • Master of Engineering - Masters Degree, International Islamic University Malaysia
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics) - Bachelor Degree, International Islamic University Malaysia

Mohd Azan Bin Mohammed Sapardi (Dr.)

Assistant Professor
IIUM Gombak Campus


Area of Specialisation

  • Engineering Tech ~ Applied Sciences And Technologies ~ Aerospace ~ Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Engineering Tech ~ Engineering And Technology ~ Mechanical Engineering ~ Internal Combustion Engines - computational fluid

Teaching Responsibilities

Aerospace Engineering Lab III 2018/2019
AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING LAB II 2022/2023 2021/2022 2020/2021 2019/2020
Automotive Engineering Lab III 2018/2019
COMPUTATIONAL FLUID DYNAMICS 2021/2022 2020/2021 2019/2020
DYNAMICS 2021/2022 2017/2018
FLUID MECHANICS 2020/2021 2019/2020 2018/2019
INSTRUMENTATIONS AND MEASUREMENTS 2022/2023 2021/2022 2020/2021 2019/2020 2018/2019
PROJECT I 2021/2022 2019/2020 2018/2019
PROJECT II 2022/2023 2021/2022 2020/2021

Research Projects

2019 - 2022 Prototyping of Artificial Intelligent Embedded IoT based Driveline for Electric Coaster
2018 - 2022 Effect of abrupt geometry change on the flow structure and heat transfer efficiency in a Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) flow
2021 - Present The Effect of Recurrent Pedal Pressings and Sitting Posture on the Driver's Fatigue During Road Traffic Delay via System Identification Models and Deep Learning Techniques
2020 - Present Investigation of wake-induced vibration for energy harvesting
2019 - Present Critical Axial Distance and Angle of Inclination of Substrate for Graphene Synthesis using Tubular Chemical Vapour Deposition.
2018 - Present Passive control of the discrete tonal noise of NACA0015 airfoil for optimum aerodynamic and noise performances



2021 CFD modelling of wake-induced vibration at low Reynolds number. Semarak Ilmu Publishing, 13 (11) pp. 53-64
2021 Experimental investigation of the effect of cross wire on the flow field of elliptic jet. International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow, 90 (108834) pp. 1-12
2021 Model predictive control for regulating fuel cell stack temperature and air flow rate. Journal of Advanced Research in Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Sciences, () pp.
2021 Study on flow structure behind multiple circular cylinders in a tandem arrangement under the effect of magnetic field. CFD Letters, 13 (11) pp. 126-136
2021 Study on Magnetohydrodynamic flow past two circular cylinders in staggered arrangement. CFD Letters, 13 (11) pp. 65-77
2019 Kinetic and thermodynamic characterization of amino acids generation via subcritical water reaction of microalgae Nannochloropsis sp. biomass. Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery, () pp. 1-14
2017 Linear stability of confined flow around a 180-degree sharp bend. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 822 () pp. 813-847
Conference or Workshop Item

2021 Estimation of Mach numbers in supersonic jets using schlieren images. In: 2nd International Conference on Smart and Sustainable Developments in Materials, Manufacturing and Energy Engineering, SME 2020,
2021 Experimental study of midplane jet evolution in multiple jets at Mach 2.0. In: 2nd International Conference on Smart and Sustainable Developments in Materials, Manufacturing and Energy Engineering, SME 2020,
2014 Three-dimensional linear stability analysis of the flow around a sharp 180-degree bend. In: 19th Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference,