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Lau Zhe Wei

Academic Qualification

  • PhD in Political Science - Doctor of Philosophy, University of Bristol
  • Master of Social Science (Political Science) - Masters Degree, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)
  • Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honours (Political Science)[Distinction] - Bachelor Degree, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)

Lau Zhe Wei (Dr.)

Assistant Professor
IIUM Gombak Campus


Expert Profile

I officially joined IIUM as Assistant Professor on October 2018.  Prior to this, I was an Academic Trainee attached to IIUM, sponsored to pursue my PhD (Politics) in University of Bristol.  Before furthering my PhD studies, I had teaching experience in a few private higher education institutions.  Beside the courses that I had taught (as shown in another section), my main research areas include, but not limited to Malaysian politics, electoral studies, Malaysian Chinese studies and Hong Kong Politics.  I was also a SUSI Scholar in year 2019, sponsored by the Department of State, United States.

Area of Specialisation

  • Social Science ~ Social Science ~ Political Sciences and Public Policy ~ Electoral Studies - Hong Kong elections
  • Social Science ~ Social Science ~ Political Sciences and Public Policy ~ Electoral Studies - Elections in Malaysia
  • Social Science ~ Social Science ~ Political Sciences and Public Policy ~ Malaysian Politics - Malaysian Politics

Teaching Responsibilities

ETHNIC POLITICS IN MALAYSIA 2024/2025 2023/2024 2022/2023
FINAL YEAR PROJECT I 2023/2024 2022/2023 2021/2022 2020/2021 2019/2020
FINAL YEAR PROJECT II 2023/2024 2022/2023 2021/2022 2020/2021 2019/2020
INDUSTRIAL TRAINING 2022/2023 2021/2022 2020/2021 2019/2020
INTERNSHIP 2018/2019
INTRODUCTION TO POLITICAL SCIENCE 2023/2024 2022/2023 2021/2022 2020/2021 2019/2020 2018/2019
MALAYSIAN GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS 2023/2024 2021/2022 2020/2021 2019/2020 2018/2019
MALAYSIAN POLITICAL IDEAS & EXPERIENCE 2022/2023 2021/2022 2020/2021 2019/2020 2018/2019
RESEARCH PAPER I 2020/2021 2019/2020


Political Survival Through Strategic Reconciliation: The Case Of Muslim Minority In Sri Lanka .
Ph.D Completed 2022 Co-supervisor
Ethnic Management In Malaysia (1950s-1970s): An Analysis Using Historical Institutionalism Approach .
Ph.D Completed 2020 Member Supervisory Committee
Exploring Electoral Literacy Through Voters Education Module.
Ph.D In Progress Co-supervisor
The Role Of E- Government In Enhancing E- Democracy: A Study Of Selangor Local Governments.
Ph.D In Progress Co-supervisor
Legislative Oversight And Government Accountability: A Study Of The Role Of Selangor State Legislative Assembly In Talam Debt Settlement.
Ph.D In Progress Co-supervisor
Factors Influencing Women Participation In Politics In Zanzibar.A Case Of Central District Of Zanzibar.
Ph.D In Progress Co-supervisor
Federalism As A Pathway To Stability: Examining The Potential For A Federal Framework In Yemen’S Political Landscape.
Ph.D In Progress Co-supervisor
International Refugee Crisis: Malaysia'S Refugee Policy And Public Perception .
Master Completed 2023 Main Supervisor
Sabah Political Transformation In Malaysia’S 14th General Election: An Analysis.
Master Completed 2022 Co-supervisor
"The Role Of Youth In Malaysian Politics".
Master In Progress Main Supervisor

Research Projects

2022 - 2022 Publics Current Perceptions of Government Programmes and Issues
2022 - 2022 Public's Perceptions of Government Programmes and Current Issues
2021 - 2022 FGD on Public's Perceptions of Government Programmes and Current Issues
2020 - 2020 Perspectives of Malaysians towards the Socioeconomic Wellbeing and Political Stability in Malaysia
2020 - 2022 Research Component for APPGM-SDG 2020
2019 - 2019 Socio-Political Sentiments of Non Malays in Johor
2020 - Present Understanding the needs and expectations of SMEs post-Covid-19

Award & Recognition

08 Jul, 2019 Study of U.S. Institute (SUSI for Scholar 2019) - Department of States, United States International



2023 从周杰伦演唱会场地看大马政客素质 (translated as Evaluating the quality of a politician through Jay Chou's concert saga). Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), () pp.
2023 你意想不到的大马国际伊斯兰大学 = What you didn’t expect from International Islamic University Malaysia. The Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), () pp.
2023 允许公积金提款的真正原因? = The real reason for allowing provident fund withdrawals?. The Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), () pp.
2023 公积金抵押的方法华而不实 = The provident fund mortgage method is flashy and unrealistic. The Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), () pp.
2023 反贪会应展现公信力和影响力 = The Anti-Corruption Commission should demonstrate credibility and influence. The Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), () pp.
2023 国会和州议会任期应固定为5年 (translated as The term for Parliament and State Assemblies should be fixed at 5 years). Malaysian Insight (Chinese column), () pp.
2023 巫统2高职不竞选的影响 (translated as The impact of having top two positions in UMNO not to be contested). Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), () pp.
2023 巫统对待凯里与希山的不同方式 (translated as UMNO punishes Khairy and Hishammuddin differently). Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), () pp.
2023 巫统要实践民主谈何容易 (translated as It is not easy to democratise UMNO). Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), () pp.
2023 希盟壮大巫统不怕被反咬一口? = Are you afraid of being bitten back when PH strengthens Umno?. The Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), () pp.
2023 提控慕尤丁对国盟与土团的影响 = The impact of prosecuting Muhyiddin on Perikatan Nasional and Bersatu. The Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), () pp.
2023 政客想政治自杀,随他去吧! = If politicians want to commit political suicide, let them go!. The Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), () pp.
2023 教育不是纸上谈兵——哀悼阿扎图尔 = Education is not just talk on paper - mourning for Azatul. The Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), () pp.
2023 斋戒月的理解与包容 = Understanding and tolerance during Ramadan. The Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), () pp.
2023 柯玉莉再被控事件省思— 何时废除通讯及多媒体法令 = Thoughts on the incident of Ko Yuli being charged again - when will the Communications and Multimedia Act be repealed?. The Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), () pp.
2023 穆斯林可否到其他宗教场所的矛盾 = Conflict over whether Muslims can go to other religious places. The Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), () pp.
2023 签署马来人宣言——哈迪与敦马的虚晃一枪? = Signing the Malay Declaration - a false shot between Hadi and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad?. The Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), () pp.
2023 给予极端意识形态自由空间还是抑制它? = Give free space to extreme ideologies or suppress them?. The Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), () pp.
2023 财富再分配的预算案,谁是最大受惠者? = Who is the biggest beneficiary of the budget proposal for wealth redistribution?. The Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), () pp.
2023 部长杜绝成为“花瓶”,当机立断改革官僚主义 (translated as Ministers not to be 'vase' anymore; reform the bureaucracy). Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), () pp.
2022 “大帐篷”理念:理性政治或政治报复?= 'Big Tent' concept: rational politics or politics of revenge?. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 5 May 2021 () pp.
2022 不同旗帜上阵不代表团结 = Using different banners to contest can't claim to be united. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 3 February 2022 () pp.
2022 今年会解散国会吗?= Will Parliament be Dissolved This Year?. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 31 March 2022 () pp.
2022 从罗秀凤孩子改教看宗教平等 = Revisit religious equality from Loh Siew Hong's case. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 24 February 2022 () pp.
2022 伊党对非穆斯林票没把握,希盟半岛赢80席亦难 Translated as PAS has no confidence with non-Malays votes; it is not easy for PH to win 80 seats in Peninsular Malaysia. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 8 September 2022 () pp.
2022 伊斯兰并不僵化 (Translated as Islam isn't rigid). Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 16 June 2022 () pp.
2022 你对马来西亚基本了解知多少?Translated as How well do you understand about Malaysia?. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 22 September 2022 () pp.
2022 依斯迈沙比里未必是下一任首相 = Ismail Sabri may not necessary be the next Prime Minister. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 21 April 2022 () pp.
2022 公务员领年终奖金并不过分Translated as Bonus for civil servants is reasonable. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 1 September 2022 () pp.
2022 公正党党选后——是分裂或团结 = Post-PKR party election: Unity or Division?. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 2 June 2022 () pp.
2022 公正党再次于议席谈判中无法力挽狂澜 = PKR fails again in rebranding themselves through seat negotiation. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 17 February 2022 () pp.
2022 反跳槽法:先通过,再修正 = Anti-Party Hopping Law : Pass First, Amend Later. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 14 April 2022 () pp.
2022 国会议长是否能保持中立? (translated as Can the speaker remain neutral?). Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), () pp.
2022 国阵下一任首相是谁,希盟又与谁合作?Translated as Who will be the next Prime Minister from BN; PH will cooperate with who?. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 20 October 2022 () pp.
2022 国阵的危机,希盟的选择 (translated as Barisan Nasional's crisis, Pakatan Harapan's choice). Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), () pp.
2022 在联合国用马来语演讲,合适吗?Translated as Speaking Malay in United Nations, is it suitable?. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 29 September 2022 () pp.
2022 在野党必须真正实现“大帐篷”概念 = Opposition parties must genuinely materialise 'big tent' concept. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 27 January 2022 () pp.
2022 大选已是箭在弦上,何不就一起解散议会 Translated as Calling state elections together. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 13 October 2022 () pp.
2022 安华竞选打扪议席 (translated as Anwar to contest in Tambun Parliamentary seat). Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), () pp.
2022 安华组了一个令人失望的内阁 (translated as A disappointing government formed by Anwar). Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), () pp.
2022 对行动党新领导层之见解 = The new leadership of DAP. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 24 March 2022 () pp.
2022 巫统候选人排阵与国大党处境 (translated as The candidatures of UMNO and the situation of MIC). Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), () pp.
2022 巫统撤换达祖丁旨在杀鸡儆猴 (Translated as Retracting Tajuddin Rahman's appointment serves as a warning to others). Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 30 June 2022 () pp.
2022 应允公众在警执法中拍摄视频Translated as Allow public to record police operation. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 4 August 2022 () pp.
2022 感谢首相:100令吉真的“很多”? (Translated as Thank you to the Prime Minister : RM100 indeed is "a lot"?). Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), () pp.
2022 排序复选制或可解决选举不足 (translated as Alternative Vote may be a way to overcome current electoral weakness). Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), () pp.
2022 新版反跳槽法比之前更糟糕Translated as The new version of anti-party hopping law is worse than the previous version. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 21 July 2022 () pp.
2022 是否应该允许提取公积金存款?= Should EPF withdrawal be allowed?. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 13 January 2022 () pp.
2022 柔佛州选举中政党概览 = Overview of political parties in Johor State election. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 17 March 2022 () pp.
2022 民兴党在西马的胜利前景 = The winnability of Warisan in West Malaysia. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 20 January 2022 () pp.
2022 祖国行动联盟是多余的Translated as GTA is redundant. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 11 August 2022 () pp.
2022 种族政党攀比并非好事 (Translated as Ethnic outbidding among ethnic-based political parties is not a good thing). Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 7 July 2022 () pp.
2022 科普香港选举(一):特首选举 = Revision on Hong Kong election (1) : Chief Executive election. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 6 January 2022 () pp.
2022 移除社团注册局监管政党事务Translated as Remove the power to regulate political parties from Registrar of Societies. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 14 July 2022 () pp.
2022 纳吉、预算案与解散国会逐一看 Translated as Najib, budget and dissolution of parliament. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 6 October 2022 () pp.
2022 纳吉与安华辩论的三大看点 = Three highlights from Najib-Anwar debate. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 19 May 2022 () pp.
2022 纳吉入狱:巫统打了一手好牌还是稀烂?Translated as Imprisonment of Najib: does it bring positive or negative impact to UMNO. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 25 August 2022 () pp.
2022 给政府的一封信 (translated as A letter to the government). Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), () pp.
2022 统民党加入希盟有利无害Translated as MUDA joining PH brings more goods than harms. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 15 September 2022 () pp.
2022 统民党在柔佛和來届大选的形势 = Circumstances of MUDA in Johor state election and upcoming general election. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 3 March 2022 () pp.
2022 菜单政治——民主倒退 = The politics of 'menu' : backward of democracy. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 26 May 2022 () pp.
2022 解散国会,沙比里是放手一搏还是服从?(Translated as Dissolution of Parliament: Ismail Sabri will take the risk or obey the instruction?). Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 9 June 2022 () pp.
2022 跳槽到土团党的议员重回巫统-Translated as Elected representatives who hop to Bersatu return to UMNO. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 18 August 2022 () pp.
2022 输家结盟扭转政治局势 = The alliance of losers to twist the political landscape. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 12 May 2022 () pp.
2022 这一届大选有哪些热门议席值得关注 (translated as Hot seats to be focused on in this general election). Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), () pp.
2022 陛下的圣诞祝贺意义深远 (translated as Christmas wishes from His Majesty The King means a lot). Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), () pp.
2022 首相人选和建设性不信任投票 (Translated as Prime Minister's candidate and constructive motion of no confidence). Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), () pp.
2022 马来西亚国安法可能遭滥用 Translated as It is possible for SOSMA to be misused. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 28 July 2022 () pp.
2022 马来西亚对难民的刻板印象与事实 = Refugee stereotypes and facts in Malaysia. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 28 April 2022 () pp.
2022 高等学府应暂时继续网课,员工居家工作 = Tertiary education should continue with online classes while workers should practise work from home. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 10 February 2022 () pp.
2021 《当今大马》藐视司法案:政客应修法废法 = Malaysiakini's contempt of court. The Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 25 February 2021 () pp.
2021 “法庭派”仍然获得巫统内部支持 ="Court Cluster" is still commanding UMNO's internal support. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 21st January 2021 () pp.
2021 “颂扬”总比容忍更好 = Celebrating is better than tolerating diversity in Malaysia. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 9 December 2021 () pp.
2021 2022年预算案与公积金 = Budget 2022 and Employees Provident Fund. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 04 November 2021 () pp.
2021 PEMULIH和举白旗:政府失败的证明 (Translated as PEMULIH and White Flag Movement: proof of government's failure). Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 01 July 2021 () pp.
2021 严重水灾,糟糕的治理手法 = Severe flood but with terrible solution management. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 23 December 2021 () pp.
2021 今日的内阁,希盟必须负上责任 = Pakatan Harapan should bear the responsibility for the cabinet's formation. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 2 September 2021 () pp.
2021 以专栏支持艾茵同学 = A column in support of Ain. The Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 13 May 2021 () pp.
2021 伊斯兰法和伊斯兰政策的分别 = Differences between Islamic law and Islamic public policy. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 21 October 2021 () pp.
2021 信任动议是最基本的要求 = Motion of confidence is the basic expectation. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 9 September 2021 () pp.
2021 先抗疫后政治是废话 巫统希盟须短暂合作 = Curbing pandemic before politics is a nonsense: UMNO and Pakatan Harapan should temporarily cooperate). Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), () pp.
2021 反跳槽法与选举罢免的“ 三步曲” = 'The Three Steps' for anti-party hopping law and recall election.. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 16 September 2021 () pp.
2021 吉打州政府禁赌,过分了 = Kedah government to ban lottery: this is fanatic. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 18 November 2021 () pp.
2021 后巫统代表大会政治演变 =Political position post-UMNO General Assembly. The Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 01 Apr 2021 () pp.
2021 国会复会与巫统政治 = Reconvening of Parliament and UMNO's politics. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 08 July 2021 () pp.
2021 国会自主独立迈前一步:选民遴选国会议长 = Towards a more independent Parliament: Speaker of Dewan Rakyat should be elected by the people. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 2 December 2021 () pp.
2021 国大党与伊斯兰党持不同意见 = MIC and PAS hold different opinions against their allies respectively. The Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 08 Apr 2021 () pp.
2021 土团可以考虑不竞选马华议席 = PPBM can consider not to contest in MCA seats. The Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 22 April 2021 () pp.
2021 基于需求或身份?从土著股权看资源分配 = Need-based or identity-based: distribution of Bumiputera equity. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 30 September 2021 () pp.
2021 处理冠病和经济问题的两种主要方案 = Two main methods in handling pandemic and economy problems. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 28th January 2021 () pp.
2021 安华和马哈迪等领袖的“优雅”隐退 = Anwar, Mahathir and other senior leaders should retire gracefully. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 25 November 2021 () pp.
2021 巫统,你们还等什么?= UMNO, what are you waiting for?. The Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 11 February 2021 () pp.
2021 巫统的囚徒困境 = UMNO's Prisoner's Dilemma. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 12 August 2021 () pp.
2021 应该立法杜绝网路霸凌吗?= Should legislation to stop cyberbullying?. The Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 29 April 2021 () pp.
2021 慕尤丁可否不开国会?(Translated as Can Muhyiddin refuse to reconvene Parliament?). Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 24 June 2021 () pp.
2021 慕尤丁政府垮台了吗? = Has Muhyiddin's Government collapsed?. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 14th January 2021 () pp.
2021 抗疫失败:政府应暂交出政权 = Failure in handling the pandemic: the government should consider to temporarily surrender governing power. The Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 27 May 2021 () pp.
2021 撤销紧急状态与条例 = Revoke proclamation of emergency and emergency ordinances. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 29 July 2021 () pp.
2021 政府失去人民的信任 (Translated as The government has lost the trust of the people). Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), () pp.
2021 政府屈服于银行,却向公务员开刀?= The government succumbed to the banks, but attacked the civil servants?. The Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 03 Jun 2021 () pp.
2021 政治公关小白与高手之差 = Amateur and professional in public relations skill. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 30 December 2021 () pp.
2021 斗士党在诚信党旗帜下竞选的利与弊 = Pejuang to contest under Amanah. The Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 04 February 2021 () pp.
2021 检视民政党复兴之路 = revisit Gerakan's road to revival. The Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 18 February 2021 () pp.
2021 沙比里和安华的相位之路 =Ismail Sabri's and Anwar's road to Prime Ministership. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 19 August 2021 () pp.
2021 法庭是制衡的最后堡垒 = Court as the final bastion to check-and-balance. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 16 December 2021 () pp.
2021 珍惜剩余时间,下届大选就不能再称YB了 = appreciate the leftover tenure_ wouldn't be addressed as YB after next General Election. The Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 04 March 2021 () pp.
2021 理性的看待断肢法和355法令 = Rational discourse on Hudud Law and Act 355. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 23 September 2021 () pp.
2021 第15届大选巫统与希盟不应该合作 = UMNO should not work with Pakatan Harapan in 15th General Election. The Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 25 Mar 2021 () pp.
2021 紧急状态必须仅为了推迟选举,没别的 = Proclamation of Emergency to postpone election only, nothing else. The Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 17 Jun 2021 () pp.
2021 给首相一个机会 = Give the Prime Minister A Chance. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 26 August 2021 () pp.
2021 罪恶税应从统一税收账户中分离 = Sin Tax should be separated from Consolidated Fund. The Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 11 Mar 2021 () pp.
2021 联合政府实际政治上行不通 = Unity government is not feasible in real politics. The Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 10 Jun 2021 () pp.
2021 若无法提供完善服务,就惩罚服务供应公司吧!= If public service providers could not provide reasonable quality of service, they should be penalised. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 14 October 2021 () pp.
2021 行动党华沙与英沙之争 = The contest between Chinese 'sand' and English 'sand' in DAP. The Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 15 April 2021 () pp.
2021 要彻底解决以巴问题需要新策略 = A new strategy is needed to solve Palestine-Israel issue. The Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 20 May 2021 () pp.
2021 资深政治人物应该考虑退休 = Veteran politicians should consider to retire. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 7th January 2021 () pp.
2021 赢多议席做老二或赢少议席做老大 = Winning more seats but becoming less senior partner or winning less seats but becoming most senior partner. The Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 18 Mar 2021 () pp.
2021 部长不该干涉警队运作 = Minister should not interfere in the operation of the police force. The Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 06 May 2021 () pp.
2021 首相真的有人数吗?= Does the Prime Minister really have the number?. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 5 August 2021 () pp.
2021 马六甲州政权:关键在于伊斯兰党 = Malacca's state election: PAS as the kingmaker. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 28 October 2021 () pp.
2021 马六甲选举亮点议席逐一看 = Hot seats for Malacca state election. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 11 November 2021 () pp.
2021 马六甲风波:政客的不务正业 = Malacca's political saga: irresponsible politicians. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 7 October 2021 () pp.
2020 “马无配”正副相位 = Mahathir-nobody" as Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister pairing. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 25 June 2020 () pp.
2020 1118直播:慕尤丁再次没告诉你的事实 = Live on 1118: Again, truth that Muhyiddin did not tell you. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 19th November 2020 () pp.
2020 2021年财案:政府应学习相信人民的理财能力 = 2021 Budget: Government needs to learn to trust her people's financial management ability. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 12th November 2020 () pp.
2020 Ke mana hala tuju Azmin Ali dalam jangka masa panjang?. Malaysia Dateline, () pp.
2020 Tiada parti gabungan mampu bertahan kecuali BN. Malaysia Dateline, 10 March 2020 () pp.
2020 中立的国会议长:可能吗?= A neutral speaker: is that possible?. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 16th July 2020 () pp.
2020 允许提取公积金第一户口:有用吗 = Allowing withdrawal from EPF Account 1: does it help?. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 26th November 2020 () pp.
2020 公积金提领换汤不换药:谁的责任?= Old wine in a new bottle for EPF withdrawal: whose fault?. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 3rd December 2020 () pp.
2020 关于1031直播,慕尤丁没告诉你的事实 = Live on 1031: truth that Muhyiddin did not tell you. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), () pp.
2020 关闭多源流学校:站不住脚的政治巧言善辩 =Abolishing vernacular schools: political rhetoric that doesn't stand. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), () pp. 1-4
2020 反跳巢法只是次要 = Anti-party hopping law is secondary. The Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 30th April 2020 () pp.
2020 国盟国阵大联盟不会持续长久!= Grand coalition of PN-BN would not last long!. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 17th December 2020 () pp.
2020 土团党在大选后的生存能力 = Survivability of PPBM post-general election. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 18th June 2020 () pp. 1-4
2020 土团党开放给非土著 是生路还是死路一条? = Opening its membership to non-Bumiputera: a way of life or a dead end?. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), () pp. 1-4
2020 土团党有可能与巫统合并或回归巫统吗? = Is it possible for PPBM to merge with UMNO or to return to UMNO?. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 4th June 2020 () pp.
2020 土团巫统谈妥了:我错了 = PPBM & UMNO have compromised: I have mistaken. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 9th July 2020 () pp.
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